Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16 Review: Lie Ability

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On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16, the McCall pack has to join forces with some chimeras in order to save Lydia and make it out of Eichen alive.

The chimeras proved that they aren't all bad. Well, except for Tracey. I still don't trust you. 

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The electricity kid (I need to make a chimera name cheat sheet) helped Kira in exchange for Malia helping Corey. It was so entertaining to see him and Malia state their lack of trust in the other person, and then the life saving happened, and it was beautiful.

Why can't we just be one giant pack, you know, maybe without Theo and Tracey. They need to prove themselves at least five times before I completely trust them...maybe seven.

Speaking of Theo, he teamed up with Stiles, and thankfully, Stiles got us some answers. Theo can bullshit his way with just about anyone, but not with Stiles. Been there, fell for that. Stiles is done buying into Theo's lies, and he makes Theo spell things out. This is just one of the many reasons why I love you, Stiles.

It turns out, Theo does want to steal the beast's power, but only so he can snap its neck and save the day. It's still hard for me to completely trust Theo, but I like this possibility. It means that Theo does ultimately want to do the right thing.

He just goes about it in morally gray areas, and he totally has a thing for power. Do you believe that's what Theo wants to do with the power? Also, what did you make of him claiming the Dread Doctors tricked him into killing his sister?

We finally got some answers about the Dread Doctors and the Beast! Huzzah!

Thanks to the now deceased Dr. Valack, we know that the Dread Doctors want the Beast to remember who s/he was back in the 1700s – a crazy good and stone blooded killer.

Once the Beast remembers who it was, the teenage chimera that the Beast currently is will cease to exist and the killing machine will be back. It's nice to have some answers, isn't it?

So maybe I'm not the good guy in your eyes, but I might end up being the guy who saves all your asses.


Of course we still don't really know anything about the Dread Doctors themselves, but let's just ignore that. I've pretty much given up hope on ever learning anything about them. If they could just go away, that would be great.

We need to stop using Lydia's predictions to just amp up the drama and tension. If a banshee says someone is going to die, well then that person should die.

Lydia has said too many times that everyone is going to die. She even told Stiles that he wasn't going to make it, so either Stiles needs to be near death next episode or Lydia needs to stop saying things like that after screaming. Not that I want anything bad to happen to Stiles, I just want something Lydia predicts/says to actually carry some weight.

It's become hard to tell when Lydia is actually making a prediction. I've stopped caring whenever Lydia says someone will die because her predictions haven't come true in a long time. Is anyone else getting annoyed by this?

First off, let me say that I absolutely adored Stydia tonight. There was slow motion running, hand holding, a plea to survive, and "Stiles saved me." Stydia stepped up its game, and I was a wreck during it.

Stiles was tearing up at the end when Lydia took a breath after way too long (there may have been yelling at the TV...I wasn't going to let Teen Wolf kill Lydia like this). 

It will be impossible to go back to being just friends after this. Stiles and Lydia went through one hell of a life or death situation, and Stiles proved just how far he will go for her. Stiles and Lydia have danced around this before, but you can tell by the way they looked each other in the eyes that something has changed.

Sorry, Parrish, you did a good thing by hugging Lydia and blocking the force of her scream, but Stydia was the ship of the night.

You saved my life, mom. Stiles saved me.


All that being said, I still would have preferred that Lydia rescued herself. She's a badass, but recently she's been deduced to nothing. She's there for the horror element or to make predictions that, as we just discussed, don't seem to carry any weight. 

Lydia is stronger than this. I know we have Malia and Kira being all badass, but that doesn't mean that there's not enough room for Lydia to join in. I don't want a Lydia who needs to be rescued or is in a catatonic state. I want Lydia back with the group making contributions and getting stuff done the way only Lydia Martin can.

Seriously, what did we learn by having Lydia locked up? I feel like we gained the most from her time in Eichen during this hour. We got Beast answers, and we saw the chimera/McCall pack team up. Other than that, what did Lydia being away from everyone else do?

I don't really know what to make of Deucalion's presence. He's just sort of there to be sassy. Deucalion was someone to be feared, and now he just sits around and tries to cause tension in the chimera pack. Is he ever going to actually do something or are we just in store for more chit chats between him and Hayden? 

Okay. Here we go. Ram the wall. Going to ram it with my car. Just smash through it. Take out the power. Save my friends. Here we go. Alright. Just ram it and destroy my beautiful car that my parents bought on my birthday, but I'm going to save my friends. Here we go. Ram the wall.


What did you think of the episode? Are you happy Natalie is in the know? Was anyone else super proud of the puppy, Liam, for taking on all those orderlies so Scott wouldn't be interrupted? Someone get him a Scooby snack! Also, Mason is adorable, and we can't forget that. His little pep talk in the car was too cute for words.

Leave your thoughts in a comment below. Remember you can watch Teen Wolf online anytime via TV Fanatic.

Lie Ability Review

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Because when it comes to Liam, I'm a liability.


Liam: Stay with us. If Theo thinks he's going to be able to take his power, he's crazy. It's going to rip his head off.
Hayden: And you think Scott can save everyone?
Liam: I do.