Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18 Review: Maid of Gevaudan

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Time to gather around creepy Uncle Gerard for story time!

On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18, Gerard tells the story of Marie Jeanne, the Maid of Gevaudan to Lydia because he and Chris Argent believe that Lydia is essential to stopping the beast.

Before, we delve into that, let's discuss the tale of Marie Jeanne, who had a pretty badass cloak, by the way.

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It's a shame because her story was a bit rushed. We had to pick up pieces of slightly important information as Gerard's tale progressed. For instance, Lydia pointed out that Marie Jeanne didn't take down the Beast alone, but aside from Henri, what did everyone else do?

I mean they went on a hunting party and got killed. Did they just help Marie Jeanne burn things that Sebastien owned because I'm pretty sure she could have done that herself. 

Then, we had rapid introduction of characters like her brother Sebastien and either his friend Marcel or their other brother. Honestly, I'm not sure. Then, there's Henri who seemed to know a bit about the supernatural, and yet Marie Jeanne is considered the first hunter and not him. 

There were also things that just never quite clicked during Gerard's story. Marie Jeanne's tale should have gotten a full hour, so we would have really had the time to flesh it out. Still, it was really cool to go back into history like that.

Based on the dramatic music, the Argent connection was supposed to be a surprise, but I'm pretty sure that as soon as Crystal Reed was announced as returning as coming back to Teen Wolf, we knew that she was playing an Argent. 

They searched from dawn till dusk, hoping to find the Beast where it slept, but they knew that they would most likely only encounter it at nightfall.


it's still unclear to me how Lydia is potentially a way to defeat the Beast. Is she supposed to tap into the Beast's mind or something or what? Like she said, she isn't Allison. She doesn't have Argent blood flowing through her body, and she isn't a skilled hunter.

It would have been nice to have Argent or Gerard give at least a hint as to how Lydia can stop the Beast. Because right now I've got nothing. Gerard convinced Lydia to stay to hear the story because she could play a huge part in stopping the Beast. So now I'm a little confused. How do you think Lydia can help?

Even when Scott was hiding from the Beast, he was aware and concerned for all the innocent students around him. It's moments like these that make you remember how great of a guy Scott is, and why he is a True Alpha. 

I was so relieved that Scott had a plan. I was hoping that maybe he was fighting the Beast just long enough to keep it focused on him and not the innocent people, but I got concerned during the intense showdown in the library. Scott does not have a good track record with fights to the death in the library.

Braeden it's me. I'm at the school, and we need you. Bring your shotgun, bring all your shotguns.


Scott fought the Beast for that long in order to get it's scent so he could track it once it became human again. A+ planning there, Scott! I'm proud of you. Sure enough it worked, and the Beast is Mason?

My brain cannot process this. I need to know more about when the Dread Doctors experimented on Mason, and how he is a genetic chimera. Other than those questions, this was a pretty good twist. 

We like Mason. We don't want him to be an evil killing machine and get erased from existence. Mason's too adorable to be the Beast. I mean he was in shock whenever Liam ripped the page from the library.

Mason being the Beast means that now the fight to defeat the Beast has a whole new other purpose. We want to save Mason from being the Beast, if that can be done. In an ideal world, we turn Mason back into a normal teenager or a chimera.

This also means we are not on the same side as Theo. Yeah, remember him? I know it's been like two episodes since we've seen him, but Theo wants to take the Beast's power and kill him. Sure, maybe Theo could take Mason's power and not kill him, which would be good and it would potentially prevent Mason from turning into the Beast again.

Okay, now I'm unsure as to whether Theo's plan could be beneficial. What do you think: can Mason be saved and do you have any theories on how?

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Maid of Gevaudan Review

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

My dreams aren't like yours, Lydia. I'm not the harbinger of death. I'm the cause of it.


She would be known by history as the Maid of Gevaudan.