The Young and the Restless Recap: Adam Tells Chelsea About Christian!

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Wow!! It's so exciting when stories actually start moving, isn't it?

There were secrets coming out all over Genoa City this week, and there is a lot of potential for new stories as a result 

The one I never saw coming was Adam finally telling Chelsea the truth about Christian. To be honest, I was still unsure he was even Christian's father. He is, and Chelsea knows.

Chelsea Knows - The Young and the Restless

What I really loved about the reveal was how simply Adam told the tale once he got started. He didn't hold anything back. He was done clutching onto the truth fore all the reasons – Victor's blackmail, hurting Chelsea and his own pain at the loss of his son that he was unable to share with anyone.

Justin Hartley and Melissa Claire Egan played the scene beautifully, and it was so refreshing to see Adam and Chelsea had come far enough in their marriage that this wouldn't tear them apart.

They weren't yet together when the initial act started to snowball for Adam and Chelsea knows enough about Victor and her own past reactions to realize Adam's reasoning for keeping everything close to the vest wasn't so far fetched.

Now that Nick and Sage are getting ready to adopt, you can just imagine how this will all come together in an even more explosive way in the future. 

Of course Sage's deep need to adopt a newborn seems like it will backfire on her. She's still very fragile, and taking a chance on a teenager who wants to give up their first child is always a risk. Nick knows that, and he also knows how rewarding it can be to bring an older child into a family. Sage is still adamant.

The first step will probably be for Sharon to discover Sully isn't her birth child. They'll have no reason to expect the baby to be Christian, so how all of that will come out is anybody's guess.

Jack was in a spot of trouble with Phyllis after unloading the burden of Marco taking over his life to Neil when Neil was craving alcohol. Phyllis was incredibly angry and moved out of the house. 

She didn't feel it was his place to tell anyone what happened to her, but it's Jack's story, too. While what she shared was intimate and personal in a different way, Jack is also suffering as a result of killing Kelly and feeling responsible for the deaths of those on the tanker. 

What they both probably need is some counseling, separately and together. That would make too much sense, though. Instead, Phyllis moved a little bit closer to Billy as they worked together with Natalie on Passkey to attack Victor from another angle.

Ironically, when Jack told Neil, Nikki learned of the secret as well and it resulted in her utter disgust with her husband. Victor yelling at Nikki that he was sick of people complaining about him was hilarious. The  man will never learn. Nikki, though, reached out to Phyllis. 

Phyllis' ultimate goal with Passkey is to screw over Victor in any way she can because of what he did to her by way of Marco, so Nikki hearing of it inadvertently helped her. Hopefully she'll realize that before she moves any closer to Billy for anything other than business.

That business is getting more tricky as Luca moved in with Summer and is snowing the girl. What ever happened to Kyle, anyway? Suddenly she's in with Luca, who is trying to help Victor. And he did. He discovered the Billy connection.

Thankfully Phyllis and Billy have already discovered what Luca learned, as well, and maybe they can stop him before he comes too close. Hopefully before Summer lets anything else out.

Other things around Genoa City:

  • Hillary and Ashley clashes, as expected. Hillary is one of the most annoying characters. I still don't trust her, nor do I know why she has two men fighting over her.
  • The Boy (Ben's son) is getting into fights at school. He's going to be a little murderer, just like he was in that movie. And he's still not in therapy. 
  • Dylan thought Sharon wanted to get back together with Nick. Is that the beginning of what will be when the baby switch story eventually comes out?

If you dropped by, let me know your thoughts on all of this! What did you think of Adam and Chelsea or Victor's explosion at Nikki? 

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