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When you watch Arrow Season 4 Episode 15 online, you will find out what happens when Oliver's lies come out.

It's not just one lie, because Oliver was lying to Laurel years ago when they were dating.

That lie came out to hurt Laurel in ways she never imagined, but she had to put it behind her, just as Felicity had to put behind her what Oliver didn't tell her.

About his son. Because it all came down to Oliver lying about getting someone pregnant and having a child.

There were three women in the room, and all of them knew Oliver lied. 

It was incredibly awkward, but you'll only find out how awkward and what decision the parties come to at the end when you watch Arrow online.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Felicity: Who's William?
Oliver: My son.

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Oh, you two just melt my stone cold heart. You almost make me believe in love again.