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Felicity tries to walk after having Curtis' device implanted. It doesn't work straight away.

A flashback before the credits even rolled. Good God.

Damien Darhk finds them in the parking garage. He tells them he kidnapped William. As Felicity asks who she can tell, Oliver has to tell her everyone and Malcolm already knows.

Vixen comes to help because Constantine is in hell.

Thea asks Malcolm if he told Darhk. He says no, he won't tell her.

Samantha meets everyone. She already knows Laurel and apologizes to her for what happened. Laurel says Oliver should have been the one who told her.

While Samantha tells Felicity it was her fault Oliver didn't tell her about William, Laurel confides in Lance that it really stings to learn Oliver not only cheated but procreated.

Oliver and Vixen pop in on Damien. Vixen summons Grape Ape.

In the flashback, the dude from all the syfy shows is a zombie. He disappears, and Oliver's scar lights up.

Oliver withdraws from the mayoral race.

Stuff happens.

They discover Damien's totem and Vixen breaks it.

William is fine.

He wants a Green Arrow dolls.

Thea and Malcolm argue. All that comes out of Malcolm's mouth is hot air.

Oliver records a video message to William telling him he's both his biological father and the Green Arrow. He asked Samantha to move and to wait to show her this message until after his 18th birthday.

Felicity comes in at the end, and gives Oliver his ring. Her foot starts to move. She walks out of the loft.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Felicity: Who's William?
Oliver: My son.

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Oh, you two just melt my stone cold heart. You almost make me believe in love again.