Bates Motel Round Table: A Wedding and Two Wildcards

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The nut house, a wedding. While it wasn't the most exciting hour, Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 3 certainly had a lot for the round table to discuss!

Norma might have been labeled an insane killer. What's next?

Join TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk, Stacy Glanzman, Paul Dailly and Lisa Babick as they break down "Til Death Do You Part."

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What did you think of the wedding between Alex(ander) and Norma?

Yana: It was nice to see that it wasn't all butterflies and rainbows right off the bat. It was awkward and strange territory for both Alex and Norma but that's what made it that much more interesting to watch.

I especially loved how Norma tried to rush past the vows and yet she was always the one trying to make their first kiss last longer. Alex could be closed off but his feelings are much more obvious than Norma's ever were so I hope this marriage will push her forward a bit.

Stacy: It makes sense that it was a quick, casual, courthouse wedding considering the circumstances behind it. Alex pulling out that wedding ring made it more real than Norma was expecting, but I think that's a good thing. As Dylan said, guys don't just marry girls for insurance, and she could do a lot worse than him.

Paul: It was so romantic. Kidding. It made sense that it was quick and to the point. It was more or less a business deal.

Lisa: Norma's attitude was annoying. She was the one who asked for it, so she could have at least acted like she wanted to be there. And I think Alex was way more into it than he should have been.

When do you think Norma will finally let down her defenses around her new husband...or will that never happen?

Yana: I can see Norma letting it all out only in a dire situation which could be coming up. Norman's accusations won't just go away and his knowledge of al the murderers will only cause more trouble. So maybe if Norma ends up shoved a corner that she can't get out of herself, she will definitely share some important details with Alex.

Stacy: I think in a way she already has. She's letting him provide comfort and giving into her feelings. It's a small step, but I think it's only a matter of time before her walls come crashing down and he's in on the whole story. Besides, if Norman's accusations get the police involved, she's better off telling him everything. They're protected by spousal privilege now.

Paul: I think at some point it will, but that'll be right before one of them gets taken care of by Norman. Whenever he gets out of that clinic, he's going to be ready to go after them guns blazing.

Lisa: I agree with Paul. Norma is going to keep Alex at arm's length for quite a while, and it won't be until one of them are at death's door before she unlocks her doors.

Norman named Norma as an insane killer. What's next?

Yana: Ignoring the fact that I am still pretty annoyed with Norman for that, I think nothing good. Norman finally ''confessed'' and I don't see him holding back now. And his doctor looked smug enough to convince him to reveal everything he thought he knew. If I can assume one sure thing, it's that this will back track any help that Norman could have gotten in Pineview.

Stacy: It probably won't lead to anything good for Norma, but if an investigation does occur, it might lead to uncovering the truth. Maybe they'll find Audrey's body and there will be forensic evidence leading to Norman. Accusations don't mean much without evidence to back it up.

Paul: That was a crazy twist, but why would they believe Norman? He's crazy and he's in the clinic for that reason. If the police listened to what everyone said in the clinic, they'd need way more staff.

Lisa: I think the doctor may have just rolled his eyes at what Norman said. It was obvious how angry Norman was with his mother and this accusation was just another form of acting out, something I'm sure he's seen a thousand times before. For the present, it's not going to lead anywhere. The problem will be when Norman starts naming names of missing people the doctor may have heard of.

Two wildcards were brought into the picture. Chick was reintroduced, and we met Rebecca, Romero's former flame. How do you expect their characters to impact the story?

Yana: Chick seems to represent the trouble that is standing in Dylan's way. He is trying to get out of this shady business but nothing can ever come easy. Dylan was probably hoping for a quick exit but now he will have to deal with a lot if he wants to be good enough for Emma or even himself. Chick showing up will just screw everything up and I am kind of excited to see how that might play out.

As for Rebecca, I knew she second she started talking that she was not to be trusted. I'm not sure if it was just me that found her appearance in his house a bit sketchy. And Alex should know by now that just because all of his secrets are still in the house that doesn't mean Rebecca didn't find them.

Stacy: To be honest, I'm not really invested in what's going on with Dylan right now. Getting out of the weed business will probably prove harder than he thinks, but I don't want to spend too much screen time on it. As for Rebecca, she could prove to be an interesting wrench in Romero and Norma's new marriage.

Paul: I'm with Stacy on this one. Dylan's storyline is dull this season. He spent practically two episodes sitting in a hospital waiting room and now he's trying to be a better person. Rebecca will probably share some harsh words with Norma, but other than that, don't expect her to stick around for long.

Lisa: I found Rebecca annoying and unnecessary, The only kink I see with her is with Bob Paris' disappearance. She knows things which could cause Romero some trouble. As far as Chick, he's obviously got a bug up his butt and he's a helluva lot more scary than he was last season. It depends on what he does. Is he just going to take out his angst against Dylan or is he going to take it further to Emma and/or Norma?

What moment from the episode really stuck out to you?

Yana: The moment that stood out to me was very random but could be cool to mention. When Norma found Alex in the basement she called him out on his lie right away and asked what the truth was. When Alex mentioned the truth I was shocked that he said it as if it was nothing. Of course that might have been on purpose, but even then it's interesting how it slipped out instead of another lie.

Norma didn't believe him which means she didn't understand how honest Alex was with her but the viewers now and that seems game changing to me. We've come from Alex being pretty much the one guy we thought we could never trust in the pilot, to the guy risking everything to help Norma and being upfront with her like we haven't seen before.

Stacy: Norma showing up at the facility was such a bad call. She was so desperate for Norman's forgiveness that she wasn't thinking that she might make it all worse. I was really hoping the doctor was going to refuse her, but she really does have a way of always getting what she wants.

Paul: Norma getting ready to make a dinner, but Romero showing up and letting her know about the table. It's not very often we see Norma being wined and dined.

Lisa: "I'm Julian or maybe I'm not" joining Norman for dinner. Their conversation was incredibly creepy, and I really think some of the things Julian said are going to stick with Norman down the road.

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