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While Norman is getting ready for his first therapy session, Romero is late for his own wedding.

When Romero asks her to lean into him a little so it looks like they have had physical contact before this moment, she does the most awkward lean in ever seen.

She gets married with her arms crossed.

He has a beautiful antique ring for her, which surprises her maybe a little bit more than the kiss that comes afterward. But the way she wants more and the smile? She might want more.

Wow. It's really cold out there. You can see their breath. 

Dylan and Emma chat while walking outside. He notes he wants to get out of the weed growing business.

When Norman learns therapy is a two person job, he wants to know how he's driving anything here.

Norma can't reach Norman and is worried. 

Romero rings the bell. He's here! And he wants to take Norma to dinner for a celebratory wedding dinner. News of their nuptials has gotten around. He insists.

Norman gets a dinner guest at his table named Julian. They chat. Norman admits he doesn't know why he's there. He also doesn't like Julian's pot pie.

Norma and Romero talk about their past marriages. 

Romero is having the pool pit filled and the workers find an earring inside. She worries.

Up at the cabin, what's his name is about to bounce. He has a note for Dylan. Gunner is going to Cali. He's annoyed he can't fire him.

Then the mountain man shows up. He looks pretty bad. Says Caleb did it to him. He asks Dylan where he is and hobbles off. 

Romero gets home and there's a woman there. Rebecca Hamilton. She's not only been sleeping with Romero, but laundering Bob Paris' money. 

Norma wonders what Romero was doing in the basement. First he lies and she doesn't believe him. then he tells her the truth, and she still doesn't believe him.

Dylan arrives home. Norma is happy to see him. He has advice for her. Guys don't just marry women because they want to give them insurance. He knows. He's a guy.

Norma goes to see Norman. He talks loudly to her, essentially accusing her of killing people. She continues to say she wants him to forgive her, and it makes her look guilty. An orderly was watching what went down and follows Norman back to his room. 

Romero is waiting for her at home. She says if he says things, things she needs him to say, she could lose him forever. Romero telling her she's doing the right thing is what turns her on.

Romero doesn't want her to play with him. She assures him she's not playing. He carries her upstairs. 

Norman just wants to speak with the doctor. It doesn't work that way. The orderly puts him into solitary. Edwards goes to see him. 

He tells Edwards he thinks Norma might be insane and killing people.

Bates Motel
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