Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Josh's Sister Is Getting Married!

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Grab your copy of Wuthering Heights, your lollipops, and let's celebrate!

Those Dream Ghosts do some seriously great work because it looks like the crazy ex-girlfriend FINALLY learned something and she's getting her life on track for real this time.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 16 seems to be the turning point for Rebecca in a lot of ways.

Making Things Right - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

If we're not chasing Josh, then you're not gonna want to hang out with me anymore. I know it...He's our glue. He's what holds us together.


She's completely rid herself of Josh Chan, taking herself out of the tangled equation she and Paula have made of his life. Even Channy Bear has hit the garbage can. (PS...that bear is creepy.)

Rebecca also put a stop to Paula's enabling by getting to the root of why Paula is so obsessed with helping her land Josh.

It turns out that Paula has been afraid this whole time that without Josh, Rebecca wouldn't need her anymore.

It was a great opportunity for Rebecca to reintroduce that special piece of advice from Dream Ghost and shared it with Paula; their friendship doesn't need a man.

We don't need Josh Chan because I don't need him.


Oh Paula, every girl needs her best friend.

Especially after a three-day sex marathon with a super hottie beloved by middle aged women.

That's right folks, the highlight of “Josh's Sister is Getting Married!” came (no pun intended right there, just to be clear,) right at the end, when Rebecca finally stopped settling and made Greg her first choice.

Just as Greg realized that he needed to back off and let Rebecca chase him, she did just that. Greg and Rebecca's union has been painfully long-awaited.

Since he first asked her to settle for him, we've been captivated by the relationship that they could have together.

But both characters were damaged emotionally and unable to be what the other needed at the time.

Really, they're both STILL emotionally damaged. Dream Ghosts may be good, but they can't fix everything THAT quickly.

This isn't about anyone else but you. You're not second choice. I promise.

Rebecca (to Greg)

The good news is that both Greg and Rebecca seem to be on the right path.

Greg realizes that he can't just get what he wants. There's a give and take involved in his life. Rebecca, similarly, realizes that she needs to break her patterns if she can ever truly change.

Kicking Josh Chan out of her apartment? She broke a HUGE pattern. Even Josh was stunned. I thought for sure that she'd waiver on her decision in that moment, despite how excited she was at the notion that Greg might be knocking on her door.

I'm so proud of Rebecca. I'm proud that she's not backsliding. I'm happy that there is hope for her. She's not fixed, not by any means, and this thing with Greg could potentially end up being awful for them both.

To see Rebecca finally succeeding in changing her life, though? That feels so good, not only as someone watching the show as a critic, but as a hardcore fan of the series and of its heroine.

It's also wonderful to see that Greg is finally getting a win as well. His side plot with school and with the guy in the grocery store was a nice chance to see Santino Fontana in action in a way we've not seen in a while.

Greg HAS been angry. His song was angry.

This version of Greg that we've been seeing hasn't been the charming guy we fell in love with as he tap-danced his way into our hearts.

Greg developed an entitled mentality. Has he had it rough? Absolutely. He's got little to no relationship with his mom and her family. He's working to support his dad's medical bills, giving up his dreams to do it. He's failed miserably in the love department, mostly by his own fault.

But that didn't give Greg an excuse to assume that the world would bend to him because of his hardships.

He's stopped trying and became an angry, bitter man when things didn't go his way.

Angry Greg hasn't been very likable at all, which left the door open for the audience to fall back on Josh, an overall likable guy. The more mean Greg was to Rebecca, the more we started to think that maybe he wasn't the right guy for her after all.

I'll be honest, I thought maybe the chemistry would totally shift and that Josh would take center stage, throwing aside the story that seemed to be mapped out.

Greg: This isn't gonna be like a roll in the hay and then you go home. This is gonna be three days of you and me ruining each other, and not emotionally. Is that what you want?
Rebecca: When do we start?

But the writers of this series are brilliant. They managed to transform Angry Greg back into our guy in just 40 minutes and get our hearts going tippity tap tap tap for him once again.

Rebecca wasn't the only one who needed to stop a vicious cycle and her change was the catalyst for the cycles of poor choices stopping for everyone; Greg, obviously. Paula can stop enabling. Josh can stop being wishy-washy in his relationship with Valencia.

And Valencia? The cycle of her hating other women, the cycle of Josh's family hating her, all of that was rectified by Rebecca making positive changes in her own life.

I'll be honest. I DID want to see one last scene tacked on between the ladies where Valencia tells Becks that she knows it wasn't her who posted that photo, but thanks her anyway for taking the fall.

That, however, might be me giving Valencia too much credit for one episode.

Here's the thing to remember though as we celebrate Rebecca and Greg and their new romance; it might be doomed.

There's two episodes left this season.

Just as quickly as we fell back in love with Greg tonight, we could easily be swayed by Josh again, more importantly, Rebecca could be. Josh's stunned reaction to Rebecca kicking him out was also colored with hurt and anguish.

Rebecca: Josh, focus on your girlfriend and on your family. And the next time you want to come and talk to me, don't just show up at my door.
Josh: Um...okay.
Rebcca: Yeah, okay, cool. Could you go? I have something that I need to do.
Josh: Are you kicking me out?
Rebecca: A little bit. Bye Josh.

And don't think it was a coincidence that as Rebecca and Greg headed off the back to get it on, “Settle for Me,” was playing over their romantic moment.

That could be a very ominous sign, especially with Greg suddenly realizing that he can do better with his life. Could it be that he's now the one who's settling for Rebecca?

I seriously hope not, but musical cues on this show are VERY purposeful.

One thing is for sure. Rebecca is on the right track. Let's hope she doesn't steer the train into a disaster.

What do you say TV Fanatics? Are you over the moon because of GregBecca? Can those crazy kids make it work now? Will Josh intervene? Sound off below!

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Josh's Sister Is Getting Married! Review

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

We don't need Josh Chan because I don't need him.


If we're not chasing Josh, then you're not gonna want to hang out with me anymore. I know it...He's our glue. He's what holds us together.