Once Upon a Time Round Table: Does Emma's Soul Need Saving?

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Snow White found Hercules... Cruella used Henry to try and get out of the Underworld... and Hades threatened the people Killian loves on Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 13.

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Robin Harry, and Christine Laksodi are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to debate if Emma’s soul needs saving, the difference between Snow White and Mary Margaret and Hercules appearance in “Labor of Love”.

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Does Emma’s soul need to be saved because she killed Cruella de Vil while he held a gun on Henry?

Jim: Not at all. She had no idea that Cruella wasn't able to harm another person, and if she had she would have reacted very differently. Corrupting your soul is about intent. When Snow intended to kill Cora, it created a corruption in her heart. Emma's intent was to save Henry because she had no idea he wasn't in danger. 

Robin: Of course not, for everything Jim said. I yelled "Seriously?!?!" when I watched that scene. I don't know which was worse, Cruella's reasoning or Henry falling for it. Or at least he seemed to fall for it -- maybe he's playing a long con to find the living quill and help his family.  Henry's come a long way since the kid who believed obvious villains (Pan, anyone?) so I hope he's not reverted back to that.

Gareth: Cruella is fantastic. So great to see her back. She certainly knows how to play Henry. I don’t think Emma’s soul is in jeopardy, but Cruella has done a good number on Henry convincing him it is. Interested to see how this storyline unfolds. The plot thread about the nature of the quill was an interesting development. 

Christine: Totally agree that Emma's soul should not be in jeopardy. She was trying to protect her son without that knowledge. I do think it's something she'll want to reconcile for herself personally, but as for it's effects in the Underworld, no. Emma shouldn't be blamed for that.

Do you see much of a difference between Mary Margaret and Snow White?

Jim: Does hair length count? There may have been a difference in Season 1 or even Season 2, but now, they are really just one person. Personally, I didn't understand why she was still going my MM after the curse was broke, everyone else started using their original names.

Robin: I do, actually. I believe they've touched on this in the show before; Snow White is fierce, resourceful and driven, and Mary Margaret is much more cautious and reserved. Whenever they need Mary Margaret to step up to a task, they always get her to hearken back to the Snow days. I've long preferred Snow to Mary Margaret, and I'm happy that she's decided to fully embrace and readopt that part of her personality.

Gareth: I love Bandit Snow, yet Mary Margaret really, really annoys me. I guess that is a testament to Ginny’s acting in some ways. I just find Mary Margaret so whiny and dumb at times. She hired the wicked witch as a nanny. That says it all really! 

Christine: I'm with Gareth and Robin! I LOVE Snow White but Mary Margaret drives me nuts! I think that Mary Margaret lacks Snow's tenacity and I think Robin used the word fierceness. Mary Margaret is much more of a planner and contemplater, where Snow is just a doer and a bad-ass. It's really an interesting concept that I'm glad they're touching on now!

Did you miss Rumpelstiltskin?

Jim: Who? Oh right, the repetitive story-line. Didn't miss him or the redundant plot line.

Robin: I know this isn't what you're asking, but in general, I miss Rumpelstiltskin. I miss the masterful, fascinating character he used to be. I miss the days I tuned in just because of Robert Carlyle and his vivacity in bringing that character to life. In this specific episode, though, I didn't miss him, because I honestly don't know what this version of him would even contribute besides self-loathing and moping.

Gareth: Not really. To be honest, I only just realized how Rumple-light this episode was. I found the story enjoyable. It was all filler no thriller, but Season 5B is still miles ahead of the car crash that was 5A.

Christine: Sadly, not really. With such a large cast sometimes it's really nice to take a break from some characters and keeps things more focused, but I also like what Robin brought up about generally missing Rumple. 

What did you think of Hercules and would you like to see him back?

Jim: Felt like he was a bit under-used. Was hoping he would be around for a few episodes, but at least they threw Meg in there for fun.  

Robin: He was a bit young for my tastes, but that's on me; I grew up watching Kevin Sorbo so I have a mental image of Hercules that I need to get over. Otherwise, I thought he was woefully underused and he needs to come back. What's the point of having Hercules if we don't get to see some serious displays of his strength? I mean, he's Hercules.

Gareth: I enjoyed his story and his relationship with Snow. It was nice to explore more of her early childhood and her first crush. His storyline seems pretty wrapped up, but he may pop up again at some stage.

Christine: Hercules is pretty much my least favorite Disney movie of all time, so I assumed that Hercules and Meg would be of very little interest to me. But I liked the teenage Hercules angle, and I really do hope they bring him back again! I mean, Hades is still the villain, so why wouldn't we see him again?

Was there anything about “Labor of Love” that disappointed you?

Jim: Just that Herc was so under-used and gone after one episode.  

Robin: I'm getting a little exhausted of every character introduced being super angsty. Like Jim, I wanted a bit more Hercules being Hercules. Same with Meg - she was such a sassy, fun character in the movies. 

Gareth: Not really. Again, a very steady episode. It does feel like OUAT is turning into "Highway to Heaven" at this point with all the redemption stories that are playing out, but it reminds me of Once Upon a Time season 1 in some ways and that can only be a good thing. 

Christine: No, not so much. I think the episode played out pretty well, actually, aside from Hercules being so quickly swept away. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 13. 

Jim: I laughed pretty hard at Cruella explaining how much she missed the real world, or at least the Gin.

Robin: I'm liking Hades more and more with every episode, and his taunting of the Storybrooke crew in the tunnels was sooo much fun to watch.

Gareth: I enjoyed the scenes with young Snow. Bailee Madison is a remarkable actress. She captures Ginny Goodwin’s mannerisms and speech patterns perfectly.

Christine: Again, I have to agree with Robin! Hades tunnel taunts were just wonderful and he's shaping up to be a fun and interesting foe for the heroes. 

Check back on Sunday for our review of Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 14 and if you can’t wait to see more magic, you can watch Once Upon a Time online now here at TV Fanatic. 

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