13 Characters Who Are A Waste Of Air

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There are some characters on TV who are just so freaking annoying. They get a decent amount of screen time, but they are just so lame. 

They're very presence in a series can lead to you debating whether to call it quits with the show.

Everyone has been in a position were they hate a character from a TV show, and we can't blame you. 

We've compiled a gallery of characters who are a waste of air. 

1. Kurt - Blindspot

Kurt - Blindspot
Being one of the leads of one of the Fall's biggest new hits, you'd expect Sullivan Stapleton to be bringing his A game as Kurt Weller, but all we've got so far is wooden acting, terrible dialog and frowns. So many frowns. He needs to turn them upside down, or leave.

2. Jack - Suits

Jack - Suits
He's smug, annoying and just plain dumb. This one has sucked the life out of some of the best episodes of the USA hit. I only hope that he doesn't reappear. He's terrible.

3. Sara - Pretty Little Liars

Sara - Pretty Little Liars
This one doesn't just suck the air out of scenes, she absorbs the water, too. Yes, don't make friends with Sara Harvey, she's one dimensional and when you invite her into your home she thinks that includes a ticket to return and use your shower.

4. Asher - How To Get Away With Murder

Asher - How To Get Away With Murder
Everyone has met an Asher Millstone. An arrogant, annoying and just dull person who tries to be the funniest person in the room. Matt McGorry should cut his losses with this character and head back to Daya on Orange Is The New Black.

5. Jasper - The 100

Jasper - The 100
There was a time when Jasper was one of the brighter spots on The CW's dystopian drama, but his arc this season has been horrible and his constant path of self destruction has found him relegated to the scrap heap. There's only so many times you can try with someone before you realize you're done. We're done with Jasper.

6. Thad - Younger

Thad - Younger
Thad is nothing but a vicious snob who seems to think that everything he does is more important than everything else in the world. Poor Kelsey is wasted on him and he's hardly going to be the man that Kelsey deserves. Why can't he just fall into a ditch or something? I'm sure his ego would save him, but still.

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