Rosewood Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Atherosclerosis & the Alabama Film-Flam

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Did Rosewood just give the formula for creating the perfect murder?

After watching Rosewood Season 1 Episode 15, it's evident that Rosewood is not only great at his job, but he also knows how someone can commit the perfect murder and get away with it.

While giving a keynote speech at a forensic pathologist convention, Rosewood gave away entirely too many details on how a person's cause of death can look natural when it could actually be an underlying homicide.

Villa, I think I killed a man.


Once Dr. Wombach wound up dead after the keynote speech, Rosewood immediately recognized his mistake and blamed himself. In true Rosewood fashion, he took it upon himself to solve the murder with the help of his trusty pal Villa.

The only problem with solving Dr. Wombach's murder was that it was out of Villa's jurisdiction. This gave Villa and Rosie the perfect opportunity to work undercover so Villa wouldn't face any trouble. We all know Rosewood is the best pathologist in Miami, but who knew he could have potential to become an undercover detective?

Can you describe in glorious details exactly what it felt like?


Anyway, Villa realized she was out of her league and called on Hornstock for backup. Hornstock brought the quirky Butters along for the ride and team came up with an amazing plan to solve Wombach's murder. Their first duty was to interview any suspicious suspects before the convention wrapped.

My first impression of Douglas aka Antonius Block was that he was a little too jittery to kill anyone. I was right. Douglas wasn't even a pathologist. He just showed up to the convention because of his obsession with death, so there's no way he could've killed Wombach.

I waited years for you to get that promotion. It never happened.


The only other person who had motive to kill Wombach was his partner, Dr. Reed. The two worked together for years. Reed's motive could've been he was tired of dealing with old man Wombach and decided to get rid of him. My mini theory was wrong.

Wombach's murderer was actually Cassie, Dr. Reed's doting wife. She listened to Rosewood's description on how to commit the perfect crime and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Cassie was willing to get rid of Wombach so her husband could advance in his career. Crazy. Now she won't be able to see Dr. Reed's career flourish because she'll be stuck in jail.

I don't always understand what I'm feeling at the moment.


In the midst of the investigation, Rosewood may have revealed how he truly felt about Villa. Besides Villa, I can't be the only person in awe of Rosie's words when he described how he felt after first meeting Villa. I'll be glad when these two decide to stop playing the cat and mouse game and finally explain to each other how they truly feel.

Villa and Rosewood obviously have feelings for each other. If they didn't, Villa wouldn't have gotten jealous when she heard Erica's voice in Rosewood's room, and Rosewood would've slept with Erica.

Speaking of Erica, I'm not sure how to feel about a doctor dating her patient. Erica should've caught the hint that Rosewood isn't that into her if his mind was in another place while they made out. Hopefully Rosewood will make up his mind about the woman he truly wants and needs.

Mr. Izikoff: I'm going to proudly walk you down the aisle.
TMI: You're the last person I want to walk me anywhere.

Mr. Izikoff decided to pay TMI a visit after TMI so eloquently told her mother off. I'm happy that TMI is finally standing up to her parents. Finally communicating with them has made TMI realize she's better off with them.

After TMI's parents tried to bribe her with money, she can cease any contact with her parents. TMI officially has the closure she's waited two years to get.

So, what did you think about Rosewood and Villa working undercover? Does Rosewood have potential to become a detective? Will Villa and Rosewood ever kiss? 

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Atherosclerosis & the Alabama Film-Flam Review

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Villa, I think I killed a man.


This is something for all of you murderers out there.