The Young and the Restless Recap: Is Max a Manipulator or a Future Killer?

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It's not the greatest week to be a Newman.

Even though the rest of the family is moving forward while Victor is making all the wrong moves, they're hardly happy with their current circumstances. The closest Newman to achieve happiness this week on The Young and the Restless was Adam, and that's likely to be fleeting.

As a matter of fact, the entire week revolved around the Newmans and Victor in particular. Let's run it down.

Victor Victoria - The Young and the Restless

So yes, everything revolved around Victor. The worry is that even though he's finally been caught, he'll get off without paying for his crimes. 

Jack cannot believe Phyllis was involved with all that is Passkey, or that Jabot is now involved with Natalie. As the week wore on, he learned more and more, including just how involved Phyllis was, right down to being the mastermind behind kidnapping Adam. 

Phyllis eventually told Jack to either get on board or get out of her way.

During the week Phyllis asked Michael to get involved by representing Victor and throwing the case. She had Lauren's support. Michael finally saw the light when he realized he'd kill Victor if Lauren was in Phyllis' shoes. 

Victoria learning about Phyllis' and Billy's involvement didn't do much for her relationship with Billy, but it didn't stop her from calling a meeting to toss Victor out of Newman on his behind. 

Only two people didn't agree to that; Summer and Nick. Summer was voting for Victor by proxy and Nick abstained. 

Nick is kind of in over his head with Sage and Shawn the pregnant teenager. That whole situation is a mess. It feels like a lot more is going to happen there than anyone bargained for, but it's not like Nick didn't make his thoughts known. 

He said it outright. He thinks Sage is trying to replace Christian. And, really, she is, no matter how many times she says she's not. She's acting desperate, and after everything she's been through, the last thing she needs is to be selling herself and her family as the perfect adopters. 

So, despite Victoria's plea to Nick to please run the company beside her, he abstained from that, as well.

And Adam didn't made a bid either. Because he had a new job offer to move to New York and work for a hedge fund. Chelsea is over the edge with happiness, but Victor assures Adam he won't go. 

Chelsea, completely unaware of what Michael is doing, wants to help him free Victor so running Newman will not be on Adam's radar. As long as Victor is still in his chair, Adam can't be enticed. That's never true, as Chelsea knows, but she's grasping at straws to try to assure herself some happiness.

Here's the thing, though. Now that we have Dr. Neville working up a miraculous cure for brain problems, everybody is going to have something to cure. And it looks like Victor is on his way to a brain tumor, worms in the brain or something, because of his moments of dementia and headaches.

Does anybody else think they've finally realized they've written Victor so horribly there is no way to get out of it other than to make him ill? They tried the redemption road with Adam, and people still call him despicable. Can they really do that with his father, too?

I am not condoning what they're doing, and I hate the thought of Victor getting off so easy, but if they plan on keeping him around, they have to do something. I'm definitely betting on the illness route. 

Maybe that's what will be wrong with Satan's spawn, too. Why Neville and Ashley see anything sweet in Max is beyond me, but the smartest thing I've ever seen from Abby was this week when she realized his actions now have their family entangled in social services forever.

Because that's how long they stick around once they're called. They're like gum on the bottom of your shoe. Even if you didn't mean to get them involved, or it was an accident calling them in, they're not going anywhere and there will be residue for a long time.

Now Max is all excited about the fire. Is he going to try to burn Abby to death? The kid is frightening beyond all get out. How do they solve a problem like Max? No idea, but I fear it's going to take a long time before we find out.

Maybe he can get close to Satan's other spawn, Hillary. If her storyline gets any worse...That's all I can say about her. I'm speechless. 

What are your thoughts? How is Victor getting out of this mess? Didn't you LOVE seeing him in orange?? Drop me a line!

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