Watch Arrow Online: Season 4 Episode 17

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Oliver wasn't super friendly on Arrow Season 4 Episode 17, and that's too bad. 

There was a new face in the Arrow lair. Or bunker. It depends upon who you ask.

Curtis Holt mistakenly found his way into the place, you guys!

It was all of the awesome you'd imagine it to bee, and he took over Felicity's controls like he was meant to bee there.

Meanwhile, Felicity, Donna and Thea were in a bit of trouble thanks to Brie Larvan.

The bee queen was beeing a pain in the beehind as she used her stinging best to bring Team Arrow to their bees knees.

Sorry. The bees. It's the bees! But really, it was touch and go there for a while.

How bad did it get? Find out when you watch Arrow online. After all, you'll find out who is poised to take over Hive with Damien Darhk in prison!

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

It looks like we have ourselves a taller, more dude-like version of Felicity.

Diggle I'm sorry, I just gotta look. Did you sew that in yourself or do you have some sort of lip sewing guy?