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Brie Larvan shows up at Palmer Tech with all her bees making a lot of bee puns.

Oliver is pushing the Arrow team because he's sad and almost pushes away a shoulder from Laurel. But she knows his heart better than most, so she pushes on. He thought all the baddies he fought would have hardened him by now. She says that's a different kind of pain and easier to get over.

Felicity's board of directors is rude and making sarcastic remarks. The only prototype is in Felicity. 

Curtis finds his way to the secret lair. He passes out.

Damien Darhk is absolutely hilarious when he sees some dude with a sewed mouth.

Curtis comes to and is also hilarious. Love him. He gets in front of Felicity's rig and loves it. 

The bees come together and create a bee man. Where's Cisco when you need him? Oh, and how funny was it when something...

Felicity takes the board of directors down a secret elevator to the decomissioned lair.

Brie admits she has a tumor wrapped around her spine. Surgery will leave her paralyzed. She wants the chip for personal reasons.

After Oliver is truly nastypants to Curtis, Laurel calls him on it. Felicity broke up with him because he's a lying jackass. Oliver is, not the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow is a Beacon of Hope. 

Thea uses that same phrase (hate that) on Felicity, but Felicity likes being away from the team. That's surprising. She knows she's destined for great things, but not a Die Hard movie with bees.

Felicity will continue to be a beacon of hope, but by using the technology available at Palmer Tech to do it.

Oliver apologizes to Curtis. All is well. Can he keep his promise to his husband not to run off like that in the future?

Malcolm speaks to the project's ace in the hole, as Damien called him. Andy Diggle.


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Arrow Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

It looks like we have ourselves a taller, more dude-like version of Felicity.


Oh...wow. I'm sorry, I just gotta look. Did you sew that in yourself or do you have some sort of lip sewing guy?