Who Said It? The Walking Dead Edition

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Are you always certain who says what on your favorite show?

When there's action happening, are you noting who is talking?

Who Said It TWD

How about when it's The Walking Dead?

Some of the quotes below are fairly easy, even for a multi-tasker like me.

Others have been a while. Like seasons ago.

Heck, do you even remember Lori, let alone what she said?

She was married to Rick, right?

Just kidding. We know who she was. 

But she may have (or may not have) said something below.

So put on your thinking caps and prepare to be tested. 

This one may do you in! Best of luck, Dead Fanatics!!

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The Walking Dead Quotes

You can breathe. You can blink. You can cry. Hell, they're all gonna be doing that.


You walk outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. Nowadays you breath and you risk your life. You don’t have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you’re risking it for.