Castle Round Table: Are You Happy to See More LokSat?

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Lanie and the gang from the 12th couldn’t believe their eyes when the dead body in the room turned out NOT to be so dead on Castle Season 8 Episode 19

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Stacy Glanzman and Christine Orlando are joined by Denise from A Possibility for Joy a Castle fan forum to debate the LokSat conspiracy, Alan and Lanie’s future and why Rick was worried about being a normal couple on “Dead Zone.”

Castle Round Table 1-27-15

What do you think of Lanie and Alan as a possible couple?

Jim: Knowing that Lanie is not going to be back next season, it would be nice to see her leave for love and not be tragically killed. So, I like it.   

Stacy: I don't know, I think Lanie could do better. Alan wasn't all that interesting, and he has really low self-esteem. Lanie needs a more confident guy. 

Denise: I enjoyed the scene where they spoke at the same time about who was trying to kill him, and Lanie kicking Castle out of Alan's hospital room was funny. But I can't say that I really see them as a couple. Can't really explain why but it just felt to me that they don't really seem to go together. Alan is a mild-mannered, laid-back kind of guy.  Lanie has more spunk and spark. Just doesn't seem like good fit.

Christine: I’d like to see them go out a time or two but I think these two would be better as friends. I always liked Lanie with Esposito but at this point I’d guess we’ll probably never know Lanie’s fate. Unlike Jim, I don’t think they’ll kill her off; I’d be surprised if they give us any answers at all. 

What are your thoughts on the LokSat conspiracy? Great story arc or dud?

Jim: My thoughts on LokSnore, well..zzzzzzzzzzzzz wait, what? I must have dozed off...  

Stacy: I know I'm the only one, but I like it. I always like when Castle does an over-arching season long story, and I think it's getting more interesting now with Caleb. I personally am looking forward to seeing how it plays out. 

Denise: Don't even get me started on this one!  I have not been a fan of the Loksat story since it started and everything Loksat-related in this episode just seemed so "been there done that".  It feels like a rehash of everything from the Bracken storyline. Complete dud.

Christine: I agree with Denise. Caleb’s threats to Beckett were a complete rehash of things Bracken had previously said. I’m all for a season long story arc but LokSat has been the least entertaining, most boring story arc of the series. Knowing we’ll most likely lose Beckett by the end just makes it all the more torturous. 

Why do you think Rick is worried about he and Kate being a normal couple?

Jim: The guy who was convincing a guy he was a superhero is worried about being normal.. I'm not sure someone thought that story line all the way through. My guess is that it’s the writers way of setting up the end of the series.  

Stacy: At first I thought he was worried about them becoming a boring couple by the way he was talking about moving to Paris and how upset he was by Alan just wanting to go back to work after getting a second chance. I think Rick just wants to take a step back from all the danger and responsibility in their lives and go have some adventures. 

Denise: I didn't see it that way. I felt that he was simply pointing out to her that once they resolve Loksat, they could have a normal life, which for Rick includes things like running off to Paris, or searching for buried treasure in Nepal, or flying a hot air balloon across the Sahara. Perhaps that's what he feels happened with his first two marriages, that they became a "normal" couple and that's why Meredith left, or that's why things didn't work out with Gina. Something else we'll probably never know.

Christine: Because living through dark conspiracies is so much fun? Heck if I know, I’m just ticked that we’ll never get to see any Caskett babies. 

What, if anything, in “Dead Zone” disappointed you?

Jim: Overall it was pretty good, nothing really disappointed me. Jonathan Silverman was great as Alan in the episode.  

Stacy: I don't know, Alan kind of bugged me. The episode was funny but I didn't really like him that much. 

Denise: I am always unhappy when Castle is portrayed in a goofy or silly manner.  Much of his interactions with Alan and pursuing the whole superhero thing was just another example.  I know he can be whimsical at times, and often has off-the-wall theories, but sometimes he's just written as a goofy doofus; I really hate that.  And there's been way too much of it this season.

Christine: I’m with Denise on this one too. Castle was always a really smart guy with a child-like imagination but this was one of the many episodes where his fun side was taken way too far and he came off as more of an idiot. I found that hard to watch. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Jim: I loved Lanie constantly thinking Alan was dead when he wasn't. Even the ER doc got to the point of throwing up her hands. Was a fun trope to use this week. 

Stacy: Lanie getting all frustrated that Alan was definitely dead was really funny. I also liked Castle's comment about how many movies there are about Spiderman's origin stories. Seriously, why do superhero movies feel the need to start from the beginning in every movie? 

Denise: I enjoyed all of Alan's resurrections; the  first one was the best. I laughed when Lanie dropped that clipboard.  Their dumbfounded looks were great. I enjoyed Castle and Beckett's simultaneous realization that "synthetic heroin could be worth billions" -- as a callback to the I know who the killer is moments. And I enjoyed the ending scene in Alan's hospital room when Lanie told Castle to start walking.

Christine: It was wonderful to finally see Lanie get some screen time and Tamala Jones knocked it out of the park as the flustered ME with the patient who wouldn’t die. I also really enjoyed Jonathan Silverman as Alan Masters. I thought he hit just the right notes of being a nice, normal guy in an extraordinary situation. 

Check back on Monday for our recap and review of Castle Season 8 Episode 20 and if you can’t wait until then, you can always watch Castle online here at TV Fanatic. 

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