DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Progeny

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Is anybody else getting a little bit confused as to the mission of the Legends team?

Because after watching DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10, I'm even more fuzzy than ever.

I was honestly surprised this one wasn't a two-parter. Was it really as easy as Rip screwing up, launching Vandal Savage into his position to kill billions five years ahead of schedule and the Waverider flying off? Seems that way.

Got the Progeny - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10

Surely there are mission overrides for when they screw up a timeline so dramatically. Don't they have some sort of mandate that they have to go back, maybe a few days before they got there this time around, and get it right? 

And in case there's a question of what was right in this case, let me spell it out: Kill the little bastard.

Double pleasure, double the fun and kill Vandal Savage while they're there, too. 

Seriously, Savage didn't even recognize anybody. What was keeping them from killing him on this particular mission? And once he was knocked out (you know, bonked on the head) Kendra could have used that magical knife and finished him off for good.

She wasn't really busy elsewhere, after all. If her only pastime was recalling past lifetimes, then she had time aplenty to get with the program and kill Savage. 

Does anyone see any issue with getting rid of the man who has somehow had 206 lifetimes with the worst haircut known to mankind? Who would allow that man to cater their party let alone tutor the next world leader? Alright, I'm a little worked up. I admit it.

It's time to usher off Savage. Especially in light of a far more compelling storyline that was handed to us on a silver platter: the hunters are after everyone because Mick failed his one-off mission (or something) and now there are a buncha Chronos like fellas set to kill.

I think. Right? I hope that's what Mick was trying to impart to the crowd. Now that he's all smart like, I can't keep up. Whatever it is, it has to be a helluva lot more exciting than Vandal Savage.

The gut punch silently pummeling away at my emotional core was knowing Sara had no idea her sister was dead.

While Laurel lost Sara not once, but twice, Sara has not had to go through that loss yet. Thank God she has gotten so close to Snart, because he will be her rock when she discovers the devastating (and oh, so pointless) loss awaiting her in 2016.

Other notes:

  • Does Ray have a twin in Star City? Named Sydney? That bust was too close of a likeness for it to be anything but, don't you think?
  • The romance really, really drags things down. To a grinding halt, if you're asking me. And, even if you're not asking, I'm still sharing.
  • With as much as this team has seen in such a short while, why are they still so certain they can make small alterations and affect time? Time doesn't want to change. They cannot tiptoe. 
  • This series needs to start telling character-driven tales instead of plot driven, less it face the same fate as Arrow. Jax is still nothing to me. He's half of Firestorm for goodness sakes. Every character on here should be important and written with care. Make it so.

Hit the comments with your thoughts. As always watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow online if you need to catch up. Coming up on Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 11? Jonah Hex and a touch of the old west. Get your first look now!

Progeny Review

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