Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 20 Review: Ghost Detainee

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No, not Buttercup!

Russia came back with their own ideas on how to deal with Jibral Disah on Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 20, but Elizabeth was there to put the Russian minister in his place. 

I was incredibly pleased they revisited the whole Dmitri storyline. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, what they did to Dmitri was wrong. I know, I know, they made a deal with Russia and President Dalton felt he had not other choice, but I still felt bad for the kid. 

He was a terrified kid who didn't want to die.


Dmitri just wanted to go to school, take care of his sister Talia and live his own life. As much as I love Henry, he deserves to have repeated nightmares about the day Dmitri was taken. Is it really Henry's fault? Not all of it, but he did contribute because of his job – which I still don't understand why he took the job in the first place. 

At least Henry had the sense to check up on Talia, but I knew something would have happened when she got to Russia. Jane was making a lot of sense when she was trying to reason with Henry about not being able to save everyone. Henry's heart is in the right place, but he needs to learn to balance out his emotions. 

They finally went to the United Nations pleading for help with Hizb al-Shahid. It has been so disappointing watching everything move at such a snails pace – thank goodness there's some new development. Elizabeth's speech was especially captivating. It was smart having her speak given the fact her family was at ground zero. 

Speaking of Hizb al-Shahid, why did they take so long to bring in a familiar face for Hijriyyah? There was no way she was just going to open up the to United States government about what her terrorist husband was up to. Henry was right, Hijriyyah was in shock, scared and was in a strange place. 

The thing I'm most worried about are the marital problems between Henry and Elizabeth. I was really hoping they wouldn't go down this road, but it really does seem like they're always fighting. I'm on Elizabeth's side when it came to doing everything in her power to take down Jibral Disah and his terrorist group. 

I get Henry has guilt over what happened to Dmitri, and what is currently happening to Talia, but he didn't need to take his anger out on Elizabeth. While Elizabeth was empathetic towards her husband, she also has an important job to do.

It also seems like Henry doesn't want to let Elizabeth in on the problems he's having. How can he expect to get her support when he can't even be completely honest with her? I can only hope they resolve this quickly because I really do hate to see these two at odds with each other. 

Of course the toughest thing to watch was Elizabeth having to say goodbye to her prized horse, Buttercup. This show could kill a character and I might get misty eyed, but doom an animal to death and I'll be bawling like a baby. Henry showing up gave me some hope the two of them will get through their issues. 

Now it's your turn! Do you think Elizabeth and Henry will eventually get on the same page? Are you still curious if Dmitri is possibly still alive? Were you crying over Buttercup?

You still have time to catch up before the season finale! Go watch Madam Secretary online now via TV Fanatic and make sure to come back to let us know what you think. 

Ghost Detainee Review

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