Quantico Round Table: Is The Final Mission Approaching?

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Is Alex preparing for her final mission?

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 16, the terrorist called her to let her know that her final mission was approaching, but will they really let her go?

TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Kelly Thompson and Paul Dailly discuss the big test, Hannah being benched and Ryan's return.

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Is The Voice the best or worst name ever?

Allison: Personally, I kept picturing Blake and Adam. I get that all Simon and Alex have to work on is the terrorist's "voice," but couldn't they have come up with a cooler name?

Kelly: The worst. Was there really a need to give the terrorist a nickname? Hard pass and I hope it is never spoken again.

Paul: It’s a terrible name. Everytime the phone rings, I feel like I’m watching Pretty Little Liars.

Was Alex right? Was Liam's test cruel or was it a lesson the NATs needed to learn?

Allison: There had to be another way to learn that lesson. Yes, sometimes the bad guys win, and it's important that law enforcement agents know that. Still, that test was just all sorts of evil. Was Liam ever going to stop it or did it only stop when the team gave up/realized it was un-winnable? 

Kelly: It was a lesson the NATs needed to learn. There really would have been no problem with it expect that it was crazy cruel to Shelby. The bureau knew this would be a trigger for her but I guess she needs to work through that trigger to be a great agent.

Paul: Definitely a lesson they needed to learn. If there was an answer for every situation, a textbook could have taught them that.

Are you surprised that Hannah didn't stick around as part of Simon and Alex's task force?

Allison: I figured she would be in at least a couple episodes. It's disappointing that we brought her into this mess just to watch her leave. It could have definitely be worse though - she could have died.

Kelly: Yes! I wanted Hannah to stick around so much longer. Why she can't still be part of the team like Simon is, is beyond me. I agree with Allison that at least she didn't die so maybe there is hope we will see her again.

Paul: I wanted her to stick around longer, but I expect her to show back up before the season is over.

What shocked you more: Miranda quitting or Ryan returning to Quantico as a counsellor?

Allison: I can't even really imagine Miranda not being at Quantico. She surprised me. I'm not too thrilled about Ryan returning, but I figured he would find a way back to Quantico at some point. He's too big of a character not to have in the majority of an episode.

Kelly: Ryan returning to Quantico. He slept with and became involved with a student while he was suppose to be undercover, so probably not the best choice to bring him back. I'd say, I'm more disappointed that Miranda has left Quantico. I love her character and her presence will be missed but hopefully we will see more of her in the current time period outside of Quantico.

Paul: Ryan’s return! There has to be more reasons why he is so hostile to Alex in the present and we’re going to find that out over the next few weeks.

The Voice only needs Alex for one more mission. Does that surprise you?

Allison: I definitely wasn't expecting Alex to be done this quickly, but I do like that this means that Alex won't be strung along as the terrorist's plaything forever. There's an end in sight, which will of course lead to something worse. The present day scenes keep changing and mixing things up. I like it.

Kelly: It surprised me that she only has one more thing to do but mostly because I think that is a lie. If this means that we get to figure out who the terrorist is before the season finale, I'm game.

Paul: I was so sure this was going to drag on forever, so I’m happy it seems like we’re actually getting somewhere.

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