Scandal Round Table: Who Is Left To Root For?

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Are you over B6-13?

On Scandal Season 5 Episode 18, we got some insight into Jake's troubled past, while Rowan forced Olivia to call her plan with Jake off.

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Jim Garner and Paul Dailly discuss the ultimatum, B6-13 and how the rest of the season will play out...

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

React to Rowan's ultimatum to Olivia.

Christine: It wasn't surprising just par for the course on Scandal. I think I’m beyond being shocked any longer. I never expected Rowan to allow Jake and Olivia to run off together or be happy. No one ever gets to be happy on this show, ever.

Jim: I agree with Christine, not surprised that Rowan knew or that he knew what button to push on Olivia to prevent them from being happy. Nobody ever gets to be happy.  

Paul: I’m so over Rowan. His presence is getting a bit too much. He needs to go.

How bad did you feel for both Olivia and Jake when Liv called it off?

Christine:  I feel worse for Jake. He loves Olivia and she has consistently jerked him around. I’m not even sure that she loves him. I’m not sure Olivia is capable of loving anyone. What sold Olivia’s speech to Jake at the church was that there was so much truth in it.

Jim: I felt horrible for Jake. I know Olivia didn't want to do it, but that didn't stop her from pulling any punches, she was pretty brutal with what she said.  

Paul: Olivia needs to decide which man she wants in her life before it’s too late. I did feel bad for Jake. Both Rowan and Olivia are messing him around.

Is it time to rest the B6-13 plot for good?

Christine: I’m over it but I may be over the show as well. It’s hard to care about characters that seem to be stuck in such a web of cruelty all the time.

Jim: I was thinking exactly what Christine was, I might be past the the show as a whole. the constant and never ending cruelty and betrayals has become such an every day thing that I'm only shocked when someone does something nice.  

Paul: Totally agree with both Christine and Jim. These characters are becoming terrible. If they can’t play nice, then what hope does America have when one of their candidates win?

What's Olivia's next move against her father?

Christine: I don’t know and I’ve grown tired of watching Rowan treat his daughter horribly and then her reacting by turning that on to others. It’s just depressing.

Jim: Maybe they should change the show name to "Rowan's Rants". Don't get me wrong, Joe Morton does an amazing job with his delivery of the rants, but I'm kind of over the whole father vs daughter game... there is no "scandal" in it.   

Paul: I hope she finds a way to get rid of him for good. I’m tired of the constant back and forth of him doing terrible things.

How do you think the rest of the season is going to play out?

Christine:  For me, the show has really become difficult to watch. Who is there to root for? There are no more white hats. It’s so bad that Jake, the trained assassin is the most likable character on screen. At least now I kind of understand why he can't break away from Rowan but it's all just very sad.

Jim: I have no idea how the end of the season is going to play out.. Will we have an election this season? Will it end with a new President for next season? I agree with Christine that I'm having trouble knowing who to root for anymore. I can't even root for poor David because he became such a sleezy sex-puppet! 

Paul: There is no one to root for. I hope Olivia finds a way to get rid of Rowan and the whole B6-13 plot and we start a fresh for next season.

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