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Abby gets annoyed with Olivia as everyone is racing to Florida and tries to piss her off by having the president's jet perched on the runway so that they can't get to Florida. 

Mellie then walks out on to the runway and Fitz comes out. The two of them chat about Olivia and he tells Mellie about Andrew's murder. 

They both agree that Olivia needs help. In the end, Fitz orders Abby to get the plane in the air and get them to Florida. 

At the dinner, Susan emerges as the front runner and it leads to Liz telling her she is getting Florida's vote of confidence, but in a strange turn of events, Hollis wins and it leaves Susan destroyed. 

Abby and Olivia come face-to-face and start arguing about what's happening between them. It leads to Olivia declaring that she wants the white house back and that no one else can have it. 

They agree to disagree, before setting their sights on destroying Hollis. 

Cyrus has his hands full when Michael asks him about the cheating. Cyrus goes crazy and makes it clear that Michael serves little purpose to him. 

Michael then helps Cyrus, but when Cyrus returns home to thank him, he's gone.

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Mellie: You mean she sent one of her people?
Fitz: I mean she did it with her bare hands.
Mellie: You should have told me.
Fitz: You should have asked.
Mellie: Wow. Props to Liv.

Abby's doing her job. We have a problem.