The Young and the Restless Recap: Victor Convicted and Victoria Fights Back

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Despite hell having frozen over this week on The Young and the Restless, it feels like a week to complain. 

It came to me when Phyllis mentioned that the good guys were winning for once, and Victoria almost blew a gasket. Well, eventually she did blow a gasket, getting all holier than thou and finally jolting out of her stupor in front of a news crew just after Jabot announced the launch of Passkey.

When will the good guys get a win that not only feels deserved, but that viewers get to enjoy for longer than the time it takes for Victor to rise from his chair in a courtroom?

Victor Behind Bars - The Young and the Restless

Still, it is good to look at the photo above, isn't it? That self-righteous jackass.

It was very obvious the whole plan Phyllis set into motion was going to come crumbling down, and it's pretty obvious now that this win of hers will be short lived. For some reason, the wicked always prevail in Genoa City. Misogynistic wicked Victor Newman, especially.

A few things had to happen in order for his world to crash, though, even temporarily. Luca had to think siding with the big bad was cool. We knew he would do that. He's as self-righteous and as big of a jackass as Victor. So is Summer. He clued Victor in on Michael's agenda.

That made Victor oust Michael, then defend himself. His admittance of guilt (sure, I skirted the law) and subsequent grandstanding did nothing to help his case. At all. Thank goodness the thousands of people we don't see in GC are good people and able to see through Victor's pathetic attempt to defend himself.

How did he do it? By painting a picture of himself very similar to the one he used on Summer when he imagined the lives of his family if he wasn't in them. It's hard to believe he thought that was the right path to setting himself free, but that's Victor Newman. 

It annoyed me no end when that same family apologized profusely to him after his conviction (something he never did to his victims), and then continued feeling guilty and sad as Victor let them know they're dead to him. 

Now we have to put up with ol' Victor taking down the bad guys in prison, too. Sure, he has always worked out, but he's been crying for weeks, feeling dejected and sad. Now he's on top of his game and fighting younger men with screwdrivers (sorry, that wasn't a shiv)? Just ugh.

Whoever "he" was that the dude said won't be happy hopefully is bigger and scarier than Victor and will put the guy into his prison place. I refuse to accept Victor will rule in prison as he has outside. At what point does he fall on hard times? He has to experience fear and pain. He must.

Then we have the whole Sage/Shawn/Nick saga.

Sage wanted Shawn to sign adoption papers before the baby was born, you know, just in case. Forcing the issue, which was really uncool. Sharon then tried to be kind to Shawn, which gave Shawn information about Sharon and Cassie that did nobody any favors and supposedly sent Shawn into early labor. Because that can happen. 

Mind you, the "surgery" Shawn was in must have been done in the hall, because before she was even 60 seconds out of her room, the baby was already in the NICU. Seriously? They could have made them wait just a little bit.

This whole story is just ridiculous because the second Nick and Sage realized Shawn had any qualms whatsoever about giving up her baby (and this was months ago), they should have walked away. No matter how much Sage wanted it, Nick should have insisted.

Instead, they're where they are, with Shawn calling David her baby, wanting to hold it. Which is, hello, totally normal. It's just not what Nick and Sage signed up for. 

Thankfully, they'll soon have Christian back. The more Dylan thinks about Sharon's pregnancy and Sully's birth, the more it just seems wrong. He's getting very close.

What About Sully? - The Young and the Restless

While I don't think it's going to be simple, AT ALL, my new scenario is this...they'll give Sully over to his parents and Shawn will have her baby and keep it, eventually realizing she doesn't want to be a mom.

Then she'll speak with Sharon, with whom she trusts, and the two will bond further and Sharon and Dylan will take David and raise him. Shawn will know she can come back and be a part of David's life anytime. Because Sharon gets it. Yes?

So...we're back to Jabot and Passkey. Spurned lovers fighting over business projects? Yeah. Disaster. Even worse, there is something else going on with it and only Luca knows what it is. WTH? 

So Victoria, who I really dislike, has been feeling very sorry for herself because she's a lonely, bitter bitch with no friends and no help at work. She begged to take over Newman and guess what? She can't do it.

That is driving her crazy. Seeing Victor convicted, Billy and Phyllis all got to Victoria. She snapped at the Passkey conference just after Billy made the announcement. It was a rather lame break. I'm not a loser, I'm a Newman. Well, same thing, in many cases.

The thing is, I realized I don't know why Victoria is on the show. Other than being a ball on a string that is smacked against Billy's paddle or to be annoyed by her father, what's her point? She really has no connections in the town. Nothing. She's not even close with her family anymore.

It's kind of sad. She plays off of other characters but has no real story of her own.

We can deal with Michael's potential career problems, Mariah's new hair color (welcome back girl!), and anything else that comes up next week. We got the big four stories. What are your thoughts?

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