Watch The Flash Online: Season 2 Episode 19

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Caitlin found a person who looked an awful lot like herself onĀ The Flash Season 2 Episode 19.

Did they have anything in common other than a face?

You may be surprised.

Barry discovered he was quite the klutz when he was without powers.

His coffee fell on the ground and all he had was a smashed mug.

Harry thought Barry brought it all on himself, but he was worried about Jesse.

When Harry went to secure his daughter, he found himself the victim of a kidnapping.

Would Jesse come back if it meant helping to find her father?

Find out what Jesse did and how Caitlin fared against her familiar face when you watch The Flash online by clicking above!

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Well, hello Doppelganger of mine. What do you know. I can still pull off brunette.

Killer Frost

Joe: And without your speed, there's no way any of us can get through that breech Cisco found at the hospital. I just don't think there's anything any of us can do right now.
Harry: That's right. And that's on you, Al.
Joe: Enough. We're all suffering here.
Harry: That's right, Detective. We're all suffering. We've lost Snow, you've lost your speed and now? Ha. Now Zoom can come through that breech any time he wants. And that, Allen, That's on on you!
Iris: Hey, that's on all of us. We made these decisions as a team.
Harry: No, we didn't.