Scandal Round Table: How Will Jake Escape?

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Was Abby right to stand by Olivia?

That's the main question after Scandal Season 5 Episode 20 in which she stood by her friend.

TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Jim Garner and Paul Dailly discuss Abby's vote of confidence, Susan ditching David and Mellie & Marcus.

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Abby not using the dirt against Liv?

Christine: I think she was right not to use it. First, it was about Olivia, not Mellie. Second, it was a decision that should be private between Olivia and her doctor and finally, letting the world know will only hurt one person, Fitz, which is particularly cruel since there is nothing he can do to change what happened.

Jim: I agree with Christine, she was right not to use it. It wasn't about Mellie, and really would have only hurt Fitz... I think it also gave Olivia pause to really respect Abby again.  

Paul: I loved that she didn’t use it. It showed that regardless of how far gone Olivia is, she’ll still be her friend when she needs her the most.

Are you glad that Susan finally called time on her sham of a relationship with David?

Christine: Yes and I was proud of how strong she was when she did it. David always seemed like one of the good guys, but he’s proven through his actions this season that he's kicked his white hat into the dirt along with everyone else. He doesn’t deserve Susan, and she was right to kick him to the curb.

Jim: I'm sad for them. Just when I thought they had a chance, she found out that David had compromised his morales (again). While I'm sad to see them break up, I'm proud of how strong she was about it.

Paul: I’m ecstatic for her. He couldn’t keep it in his pants, so he deserved to be dumped. Susan can do so much better.

Would Mellie and Marcus make a great couple?

Christine: Right now I think they make great friends and even great partners. I’m not sure we should be jumping to coupledom just yet,, but it’s great to see someone who really believes in Mellie for a change.

Jim: I agree Christine, I like seeing how much Marcus believes in Mellie, but more than that, how much Mellie is willing to believe in what he says and that he wants the best thing for her.  

Paul: The two of them have a great dynamic and I would love them as a couple.

How will Jake escape from Rowan?

Christine: By killing him. I really don’t see how anyone can get away from Rowan any other way.

Jim: Faking his death (and leaving the show) OR killing him, I don't see any other way. Personally, I'm hoping for the killing of Rowan because I'm really tired of him constantly monologing.

Paul: I agree that the only way to escape is by killing Rowan.

What's your best prediction for how the finale will play out?

Christine: I’m sure Rowan isn’t done with Olivia but what his next move will be is a mystery. I kept thinking that Olivia and Fitz would make their way back together by the finale, but it doesn’t feel like that’s going to happen. I really don’t know what to expect from the finale, but that's half the fun.

Jim: Only prediction I have is that we won't know who wins the election until the fall. Past that, anything is game! 

Paul: I really don’t know. This show has a habit of playing with what you think you know!

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