The Originals Season 3 Episode 20 Review: Where Nothing Stays Buried

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So, THAT just happened. The Originals Season 3 Episode 20 confirmed that not only is Cami really, really dead, so is Davina. And Lucien, too. And Van Nguyen.

And while Aurora's no longer a threat (thanks, Vincent) the Mikaelson family is falling completely apart. 

Nothing Remains the Same - The Originals

I have loved The Originals since Elijah Mikaelson first showed up in an abandoned mansion looking for Rose and Damon managed to shove a coat tree through his chest. The build-up to meeting Klaus Mikaelson was unreal. 

In two episodes, I'm really not sure if I can continue watching The Originals and it's all because HOLY CRIPES THEY JUST KILLED EVERYONE.

Okay. So not everyone, everyone. Just Cami and Davina. Two cast members who've been with it since the very beginning. All for no real reason. Just because. 

Bloated cast? Budget cuts? Leah Pipes and Danielle Campbell wanted to move on to bigger and better things? (No.) (I mean, maybe. But probably no.)

I am legitimately upset and irate and I want to start a letter writing campaign where we send...I don't know...fake dark objects to the studio. Or DSM-V's. Or candles. SOMETHING. 

Because what I truly, really, absolutely do not understand is why they couldn't have killed Rebekah. I know we all love Claire Holt, but we haven't actually seen her in, what, 12 episodes? She hasn't been a series regular in a season and a half. 

Klaus declares his love for someone and it's because she's dying and so now they have to really kill her so she's totally gone because no, we definitely can't have someone on the show who might potentially provide him with half a moment's happiness. That's just ridiculous.

Same for Kol and Davina, though I do understand that there are many out there who are far less invested in the two of them as a couple. Personally, I always hoped we'd see Daniel Sharman back in the role as I thought the actors looked better together on screen, but meh. 

We gained an original and lost a witch. So now we have five of the seven Mikaelson children living and we're killing off our female characters right and left. 

If Aurora wakes up and Klaus shows her even half a moment's decency, I'm literally and figuratively done. I will not be able to tolerate Klaus and Aurora when Cami's corpse is buried in the New Orleans cemetery next to her brother and uncle all because Lucien Castle had a broken heart.

If you really think about it, Lucien and Aurora spent a century believing themselves to be siblings. I get that he was in love with her before they were compelled and apparently that came flooding back after they were de-compelled, but on some level, isn't that weird? 

So yeah, he definitely bit Cami not because he wanted to draw Klaus out but because he hated that Aurora never loved him. Lucien's jealousy caused him to kill someone innocent all because it would make Klaus unhappy.

For that (and for so many other reasons) I'm glad Klaus ripped Lucien's heart out. I'm not happy about the spell that was used to make it so that Klaus could rip Lucien's heart out, but I'm glad Lucien is dead.

Though I really don't see why they couldn't have ripped his heart out anyway. Or cut his head off. Or both. To be safe they probably should've dismembered him and dropped his various parts into the corners of the world just in case he can regenerate hearts and survive being a burned corpse.

I'm just...I have such a bitter and disgusting taste in my mouth after watching this. So much unnecessary death of some of my favorite characters all so that we can, what, drive Hayley into Elijah's arms while also driving Marcel to drink the poison and become the Beast from the prophecy?

Hayley and Elijah would have found their way back to each other without tearing down another TWO sets of couples. Is there a rule that says the only couple we can push together and pull apart and push back together is Haylijah? 

So, really?

That's why we did all this? REALLY?

Ugh. Ridiculous. I hate it. It's terrible. Stop the world. I want to get off.

What did you think of "Where Nothing Stays Buried"? Can you BELIEVE Cami and Davina are both really dead? Are you sad to see Lucien go? We have MUCH to discuss, y'all. You know what to do! And don't forget you can watch The Originals online (if you dare).

The Originals Season 3 Episode 21 airs next Friday night at 9 on the CW.

Where Nothing Stays Buried Review

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Maybe death does something to us. Twists us all up into something ugly.


You know, I thought I told Camille everything, every moment that mattered from my past and yet in the mere hours since she died I've thought of a thousand things I forgot to say.