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OnĀ The Flash Season 2 Episode 21, Barry found out he's trapped in the speed force.

May the force be with you, Barry!

Barry discovered why those inside the speed force looked like those he loved.

Because the force thought it would be easier to communicate with him if he felt comfortable.

Barry had to confront some issues he had in order to get his speed back.

He had to do that before he could leave, because if he left first, he'd never get his speed back.

Iris was taking the lead on a meta-zombie back home.

Girder had returned, and even in the afterlife, he still had the hots for Iris.

Find out how the two met their challenges and came together in the end when you watch The Flash online right here.

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

The truth is, Iris, I don't know what this is or where we go from here. All I know is you're everything to me, and you always have been, and the sound of your voice will always bring me home.


I'm talking to the speed force. Isn't that like saying I'm talking to gravity, or light, or...?