Watch The Flash Online: Season 2 Episode 23

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How far into Barry's head did Hunter Zoloman get, anyway?

You'll find on The Flash Season 2 Episode 23 that it's hard to keep him out.

Barry was so badly beaten emotionally that he succumbed to the anger inside him. 

He wanted to make Zoom suffer before he killed him. Team Flash wouldn't have it.

But the team's own plans to stop Zoom went terribly wrong. Joe was captured.

Wally brought Barry back into the game. The Flash and Zoom raced.

Would a win be enough to soothe Barry's frayed nerves?

Find out when you watch The Flash online. The answer may surprise you! Click above to get started.

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Yeah, locking up Barry. That was the easy part. Using our plan to take down Zoom, without Barry, that will be the hard part.


Wally, before this happened, we all agreed if we ever got Zoom off this earth we would close the breaches and never open them again.