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Hunter taunts Barry by racing all over the city after Henry's death, and appears again. Hunter has been plucking many of himself out of different timelines, apparently.

At Henry's funeral, Barry promises Henry he will take from him what Hunter took from Henry.

Barry admits to Iris after his time in the Speed Force he was finally at the place where he had forgiven himself for Nora's death and then Henry was gone. He doesn't know how he can get through this one.

Hunter zooms by. He wants to race. Just a race to see who is the fastest on either world. If not, he'll keep killing.

He wants to destroy the worlds, all of them. Barry wants to stop him, kill him, making him suffer first. That sentiment doesn't sit well with everyone else and as soon as he verbalizes it, we learn that the team has already been powwowing behind his back. They put him into one of the prison cells.

They don't think he can work on stopping Zoom when he feels like this.

In fact, they have an entire plan worked out they're running without Barry that includes Caitlin appealing to Hunter's soft side.

Jesse picks that very strange moment to announce that when this is all over, she's going to go back to her Earth, but she wants Harry to stay here with his new friends. Seeing him happy is awesome.

Caitlin uses the "hey Hunter, you knew the darkness would come out and it has" ploy to get him to come toward her. It almost works. He does, intent on killing her. But his lightning goes through her hologram.

The collar gets around his neck, Cisco uses his new power, but Joe's gun doesn't work. It all comes down to Joe falling with Hunter into the breach.

Now Cisco's vibes don't work quite right. And they can't turn off the magnetar. 

Wally got Barry out of the holding cell. Barry assured his friends he's cool. They set up the race.

Barry has to run back in time to get a time remnant in on the game. It works. Then the wraiths come and carry off Hunter.

The man in the iron mask is Jay Garrick who looks just like Henry.

He takes Harry and Jesse home.

Seeing his dad's doppelganger made Barry miss his dad even more. They just beat Zoom and Barry still feels like he lost. Barry isn't ready to move forward with Iris after all. He needs to find peace.

Iris says she'll wait. When she goes back into the house, Barry says to the window he hopes she'll forgive him. Then he runs back in time and saves his mother.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Yeah, locking up Barry. That was the easy part. Using our plan to take down Zoom, without Barry, that will be the hard part.


Wally, before this happened, we all agreed if we ever got Zoom off this earth we would close the breaches and never open them again.