BrainDead Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Playing Politics: Living Life in the Shadow of the Budget Showdown -- A Critique

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Playing politics is far more stressful than fighting off brain-eating alien bugs.

That's the lesson I learned from BrainDead Season 1 Episode 2. I'd rather do pretty much anything than be forced to do a stint in our nation's capital.

Solving an X-Files-esque mystery is so much more appealing than playing mind games with your fellow man all to get another chair to further manipulate the masses you so-called represent. Icky.

Finding the Bugs - BrainDead

Probably my favorite moment (politically speaking) of the hour was when Laurel took Annie to the Lincoln Memorial and they read the wall, wondering how we ever got so far away from what our founding fathers wished for us to become.

Granted, Lincoln wasn't a founding father, but you know what I mean, right? When you think about all the crap that goes on in Washington, all the card tricks and back stabbing and wasteful earmarks just to help move politicians around like pieces on a chessboard, you have to wonder...where did it all go wrong?

And I like when BrainDead makes you think like that. 

There was a big moment when Laurel got pissed at Gareth for setting her up, making her think if she delivered the right information to her brother, they'd win back the majority. 

Then he reminded her that all he did was write a number on a piece of paper. She didn't have to steal it and report it back to Luke, but that's what she chose to do. 

It's kind of like calling the police because your illegal drug stash has been stolen. It's something you really shouldn't have had in the first place, so calling the authorities to report it missing is sort of stupid.

What I can't tell as of yet is exactly what we're supposed to care about on BrainDead.

Laurel is certainly the protagonist, and very likeable. She is crossing the aisle to both storylines at the moment, politically and with regard to the alien bugs. 

Gareth seems like the logical choice to be her partner in non-crime, so hopefully he won't get a bug in his ear. But it's kind of hard to get too invested in anyone for fear they will get that bug.

And what is the deal with the bugs? I get the joke, it's on the Republicans. I just haven't figured out why yet. 

Republicans are too stupid to go toe to toe with the Democrats until their brains fall out? Once they're braindead, they're a worthy opponent? Isn't that like saying the Democrats were already braindead?

I realize I may be overthinking this, because Robert King DID say in our interview that he doesn't always want to think when he watches TV and just wants to enjoy himself. 

What do you think? Am I overthinking the political angle, and is it just a means to tell a story about aliens? Or are the aliens just a means to tell a story about the government shutdown? Chicken-egg or egg-chicken?

As far as the aliens go, I'm enjoying the bugs. I felt bad for Oscar. I'm wondering why some people's heads explode and others don't. THAT has nothing to do with their ideology, or we wouldn't have the wide spectrum between Red Wheatus and artsy Abby.

So what's the connection? Why did poor Dr. Daudier and chess player Oscar blow up while others accept the challenge and become someone else entirely?

Of course traditional bug spray didn't take the buggers out, but stomping on the critters seemed to work. They aren't like cockroaches, who sometimes live through that experience. Blech.

It was hilarious that the hospital gave Gustav Oscar's clothing, complete with parts of brain matter on it. You'd think they would have wanted the bigger chunks to analyze. At least we know why Gustav was playing chess with multiple players; dude is smart!

Taking photos of the remains to look for clues worked. It's only a matter of time before he and Laurel hook up and start sleuthing together. Rochelle, as well, I'm guessing. Something tells me Agent Onofrio will succumb to the ants. He's too smitten with Laurel to pay close attention.

I don't know if the tax prom is a thing, but I want to be invited. My prom sucked, and the tax people looked like they were having a helluva good time. Even if they don't drink enough (probably bugged), they were all up and dancing, which is something to say for stuffy tax types!

BrainDead is a fun show. It's silly. I almost forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the opening song. That was great! It's a perfect show for summer. I only wish more of you who actually enjoyed it had taken the time to comment.

Instead, I was left with those who hated it. That's not as fun for me. So, if you're here and having a bit of fun, drop me a note. Let's pretend we're sharing a couch and talking after the show.

If you missed it, you can watch BrainDead online to catch up. Who wants to be denied the delight of the tax prom?!

Playing Politics: Living Life in the Shadow of the Budget Showdown -- A Critique Review

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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Laurel: Really? Isn't that the right wing group?
Abby: If by right wing you mean we're right, then yesssss!

Gareth: You wanna dance?
Laurel: No, I wanna drink.