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I love the Previously On song. Very catchy and informative.

Bugs are after Laurel and she's spraying them, but they aren't dying. She squashes them with her feet though, and that works. The living eat the remains of their dead friends.

Scarlett wants to know why the Republicans wear flags on their lapels. Does it make her a godless liberal? She's a bit much, he says to Laurel when they meet. I already forget his name.

He's there to ask Laurel about the exploding head. One of the EMTs said he heard a gunshot. He thinks it might be terrorism, which she contradicts.

It's the first caucus after losing the majority. Laurel wonders if Luke and Scarlett had a fight, as she looks at Scarlett strangely eating vegetables.

Laurel starts her constituents chats. A little girl is doing 20 monuments in 20 days to get a big donation of some sort. The Lincoln Memorial is closed. Laurel will talk to Luke.

Luke wants Laurel to pimp herself out to Gareth, so to speak, to get some information.

While Luke and Red are arguing on TV, Gareth asks Laurel to tax prom.

A dude is playing chess with many dudes in the park, when he notices his pal, Oscar, isn't moving. At the hospital in the CAT scan, Oscar screams that they're inside his head. It's going to explode!

At tax prom, Laurel sees her friend, Stacy, taking photos. Their friend, Abby Summers, is here at the tax prom. She's "changed" a lot, Stacy says. Apparently, she was a former liberal who has gone to the dark side.

Oscar's chess friend is trying to discover why Oscar's head exploded, doing research on the web and taking head parts off of his clothing.

At the prom, Laurel and Gareth start arguing about tolerance of each other's parties.

The next day, Rochelle Dodier goes to see Laurel. She wants to know about her dad. The police won't release his body, and she needs to know what happened to him.

Rochelle shows Laurel Oscar's CAT scan. There are black dots inside and they move from scan to scan. He had the same complaints of things inside his head as her dad did.

Oscar's friend took photos and found the bugs that were inside the mess. He's understandably freaked out.

Laurel goes to see the FBI dude. He's definitely interested in Laurel. He gives her his cell phone number.

Girls' night is a bit of a fiasco. Abby leaves in tears.

Scarlett wants to have sex with Luke, but she flinches and pulls back when he kisses her. She's just doing it so she can get the bugs into his brain. They're on the pillow. She says "I want to pleasure you. I want you now," as if that's going to get him hot and bothered.

Laurel watches old videos of a very different Abby and calls her to apologize.

Laurel realizes she was played by Gareth. He says he wrote a number on a piece of paper just to see if she'd steal it. She didn't have to steal it. He's right.

Luke is replaced (probably) a Whip.

The whole Annie thing gets out of control, with both sides using her story to their own political gain. Laurel decides to take her to the Lincoln Memorial on her own, late at night.

Later that night, Laurel looks up explosing heads on the net and sees the video Oscar's friend posted. She starts to use the "contact me" form, but is interrupted by a call from Abby.

While Laurel passes up the invitation for tea, Stacy wasn't so lucky. She's locked in the bathroom and the bugs are coming at her in droves.


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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Laurel: Really? Isn't that the right wing group?
Abby: If by right wing you mean we're right, then yesssss!

Gareth: You wanna dance?
Laurel: No, I wanna drink.