Containment Season 1 Episode 10 Review: A Time to Be Born...

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Is it just me or is really starting to seem like Julie Plec has a total love/hate with any and all characters played by Chris Wood? 

First we watched as Kai was brutally beheaded (and yeah, he sort of deserved it), and during the final scene of Containment Season 1 Episode 10, Jake got his heart ripped all the way down into his guts.

Katie coughed.

She coughed, you guys, and there was blood. This isn't just an "oh, there's a tickle in my throat" cough that sometimes happens when there's too much dust or the air is too dry. 

Blood. Spattered on a window. She's infected.

She's infected, and I hate any and everyone even remotely involved in making it so. Cannerts, Lommers, her husband, that Ray guy who took the kids out of the hospital, the driver that ran into the van Mary was in. All of them. 

They all deserve to be sick more than she does. Mostly because the world needs more Kake. But also because I really like her character and don't want to see her die.

I would rather lose Suzy, despite the fact that she really stepped up tonight. 

Teresa's baby started to make an exit and Suzy, distraught over the news of her own pregnancy, just couldn't deal. She didn't want any part of helping bring someone's baby into the world until two things happened:

  1. Dennis showed up begging to sit with her while he died, possibly infecting her, their unborn baby, and everyone else inside Bitscan in the process. (How...romantic?)
  2. Jana started to have a complete and total freakout.

The first is all it took for Suzy to realize that even if she screwed up by sleeping with a married man (and yes, he screwed up too), she couldn't allow her fear of being a single parent overrule common sense in the middle of an outbreak.

Or at least that's how I read the scene.

Something was triggered inside her in that moment and she decided he wasn't worth the risk to herself, her baby, or anyone else. Lying to him was a kindness. He was going to die anyway. By lying to him he didn't beg to stay there and make her watch him die.

Jana's freakout put Suzy in straight up mom mode. She's got this. 

Jana, again, proved she's a badass capable of doing just about anything, but yeah, Teresa should probably be glad Jake arrived since apparently no one else in the room thought maybe they should look in the general vicinity of the area from which the baby would be emerging.

I can't see it being legit that Jake had delivered very many babies in his line of work, but let's assume at least one or two. Having any knowledge at all in that department was pretty useful.

You're a clutch player, Jake Riley. Go act like it.


So Teresa's baby is here. Her name is Leanne. Xander's looking healthy. But this virus has mutated so maybe they shouldn't let him hold his baby girl just yet.

While Jake was playing information tag with Lex and delivering babies, Katie was at the hospital learning that the virus has mutated and is now taking longer to show symptoms. And calling Cannerts a coward, which, yeah, he's kind of deserving of her vitriol right now.

Thomas, however, is still symptom-free, so there's still hope for a cure. (PLEASE LET THERE BE A CURE!)

And that's sort of what I hope Lommers will talk about in her press conference where Lex thinks she's going to resign.

Let's be real here. This woman isn't going to resign.

But! There's a chance she knows someone who should. Or knows how to make that person work on finding a cure ASAP.

I'm still not convinced that Sabine Lommers is the person behind the outbreak and the quarantine. It has to be her husband.

Having her be the guilty party, particularly a solo guilty party, is way, way too easy. Plus, the writers introduced her husband for three milliseconds and we've gathered that he taught Cannerts everything he knows, has access, and was with his wife in Nantucket when Burns made the call. 

The thing is that Lommers knows too. She has to have put it together once Lex laid it all out there on the table and what she's trying to do now is figure out how to extract herself from this mess so she doesn't go down with her husband who may be a bumbling idiot but who also may be a mass murderer.

But then the question is how would her husband have access to Meese? 

The Chief thought Meese was going into the quarantine to destroy evidence at the Syrian patient's house, but someone redirected him to the journalists' apartment instead. Who sent him there? 

Or was the Chief lying? So many people are lying it's hard to know which of the maybe-bad-guys aren't so bad, and with so few episodes remaining in this limited series, I'm on the verge of biting off my nails to figure out how it's all going down in the end. 

Who do you think is lying on Containment? Who's behind this outbreak? Will Katie be cured before it's too late? Let's talk about tonight's episode in the comments below and don't forget you can watch Containment online!

A Time to Be Born... Review

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Containment Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Katie: This matters.
Jake: You matter.

Don't you get sick while I'm having your baby. That would suck.

Teresa [to Xander]