Containment Season 1 Episode 9 Review: A Kingdom Divided Against Itself

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After watching Containment Season 1 Episode 9 we've come full circle with our storyline. At the beginning of the premiere episode we watched as the National Guard entered the cordon.

Tonight we watched them retreat almost as quickly as they entered, and had Captain Scott listened to Lommers, he probably wouldn't have had to put his men in jeopardy at all.

A Date - Containment

Every episode of Containment just keeps getting heavier and heavier, which is actually a great thing. Too often seasons run on for too long leaving several episodes as fillers. The plot isn't advanced, the characters aren't really developed. They're boring.

That isn't something which plagues limited engagement series' such as this one. (Though I'm holding out that after the Belgian series Cordon gets its Season 2 off the ground we'll get to return to Atlanta Midtown Hospital!)

Here's what we know after this episode:

  • Jake and Katie are adorable together.
  • There might not BE a "Jake and Katie" when this is all over.
  • Lommers' husband is behind the outbreak.
  • Cannerts may or may not know about it.
  • Sabine Lommers might be one of the good guys after all.
  • Lex has a significant inability to see the bad in people.
  • The middle of a major epidemic probably isn't the best place to have a baby.

Yeah. That ALL happened, or almost happened, tonight. It was quite the full hour.

Jake and Katie, aka Kake, are ripping my heart to pieces with their longing glances and his soulful expressions and puppy dog eyes whenever she opens her mouth. They're just so cute and natural together!

His first date was incredibly sweet and the perfect way to make something good happen in the middle of such a terrible situation. Of course, like him, I wouldn't have minded if they jumped straight back to the shower scene because the one we got tonight was anything but magical.

Kake's second shower scene came after returning to the hospital. She frantically tried to wash blood and infectious diseases off of her person while Jake sat outside the shower room and cried because he's finally found a girl to love and now he might lose her. 

I would be crying too, Jake. Totally. (I will cry if Katie dies.)

During their date, Quentin alerts them to the fact that Ray, the bus driver, decided he would join the protest growing outside and get the kids out of the cordon. Except that's...yeah. That was a terrible idea.

Jake and Katie rushed off to save the kids and possibly even Ray. They were separated with only Jake receiving news that one of the girls may have been sick. 

She also could've sneezed because of all the dust being kicked up by the motorcycle tweakers, but it's way more dramatic that WE DON'T KNOW if Katie's infected now.

Katie found the girl. Jake found them both. Katie was covered in Mary's blood and Katie had a cut on her head. If Mary was infected, Katie is too and she can't die so I need Cannerts not to suck and figure out a cure for this. 

After learning that someone in Nantucket was the person who received a call from Henry Burns we can assume one of two things:

Sabine Lommers is behind this outbreak or her husband is. Cannerts is somehow complicit because he created the virus and mailed the package to Burns, but I'm back to thinking that he never knew an outbreak would be a possibility. 

Cannerts is (probably) a good guy. He's quarantined himself in his office and we can't just march in there and ask him what's up, but for now, yeah. At least he's trying to figure out a cure.

Thomas is still un-sick, by the way. Just in case you're keeping track. 

I really can't figure out who's playing whom here. We know way more about Lommers, namely that she's power-hungry and doesn't like to lose, but is she really diabolical enough to go around the world killing innocent people via viral outbreak just so she can rise to power? If so, that's serial murder on a whole 'nother level.

It's way more likely that her husband is behind this somehow which means maybe Lex's inability to see the bad in people isn't such a bad thing after all. But still, is it just me or is this guy too trusting?

Or is he just playing Dr. Lommers to make her think he's on her side when really he's eager to get out of that sluice and talk to his pal Leo who is about to blow the lid off this whole operation?

Because that's where my brain would be if I were trapped in a shipping container with health and answers on one side and probable death on the other. I would want all of the answers for myself and playing people to get them probably wouldn't be outside the scope of lengths to which I would go. 

Lex isn't a dummy. I hope.

And finally, it completely goes without saying, but just like a Zombie Apocalypse is a terrible time for having babies, so too is a viral epidemic when you're trapped smack in the middle of it. 

Teresa is about to find out what that's all about and Suzy might be as well. I'm full meh on Suzy's possible pregnancy and half meh on Teresa's. I mean, I care, but there are other things I care about more. Teresa will be fine.

Her labor and birth scenes next week on Containment Season 1 Episode 10 will be totally unrealistic and probably overly dramatic and I'll roll my eyes about a dozen times while my brain screams "BUT WHAT ABOUT KATIE!?" for an hour.

But really, what about Katie, y'all? Is she going to die? Please say no. Let's chat about this week's episode in the comments below and don't forget you can watch Containment online right here!

A Kingdom Divided Against Itself Review

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Containment Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Lommers: Remember when you were a kid and you thought grown-ups knew everything and the President was the smartest man on the planet?
Lex: And you were going to be an astronaut?
Lommers: I was going to be the President.

Lommers: You know, the older you get the more you realize how rare it is that someone who deserves to be making the important decisions is actually in power to do so, and that if you want to be one of them, you have to be tough as nails.
Lex: Oh, I'd say you've got that covered.