Game of Thrones Round Table: Will Daenerys Make It To Westeros?

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What will become of Benjen?

That's a key question since Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 brought him back to life. 

TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Meg Bonney and Paul Dailly discuss Tommen's deal with the High Sparrow, Arya's change of heart and whether there is only one couple worth rooting for in Westeros.

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What did you think of Benjen's return?

Jim: I wondered last week who was going to save Bran and Meera. Was a well timed return. However, I didn't quite follow if he was actually dead and just not a white walker, or if the Children healed him. 

Meg: I really want to know what happened to him. He is looking a little messed up. Some people say he is part white walker, but I have no idea how that would work. I really hope he gets to see Jon. Maybe he will have more info on the White Walkers master plan. 

Paul: I thought it was great. His story never really came full circle when he was first in the show, so it's great that we're finally getting some goodies from him.

What will happen with Tommen and the High Sparrow?

Jim: Tommen and Margaery both broke from their families. I suspect the High Sparrow is just using him (them), but only time will tell. I can't imagine this will end well for Tommen though.

Meg: I don't think that Margaery is really on board with any of it. I think she is doing what's best for all of the people and to save her brother. She may have used the self reflection to see that she should make this sacrifice to save all her people from the religious radicals but I don't think she did it because she believes it. And Tommen is still just a moron. He makes me miss his psycho brother. He never would have let this go down.  

Paul: I honestly don't care. All of that build up last week was awful for what we actually got. Someone needs to take Tommen out of the equation right now!

React to Arya's change of heart. 

Jim: Yeah! I've been so bored with her story among the faceless ones, that I cheered when she pulled out Needle. I really hope she does something good now. 

Meg: Thank GAWD! I was so sick of that story. I hope that the play about her family makes her want to go to King's Landing and avenge her Father to preserve his memory. She needs to get back to her list.    

Paul: I agree. It was the jolt her storyline needed to make it great again and I can't wait to see how it all plays out for her. 

How long before Daenerys hits Westeros?

Jim: depends on who is building her boats. As exampled last week, it could take the better part of 20 years for the Greyjoys to build them. 

Meg: Hopefully this season. It has been a long time coming. She needs to get on with it already.   

Paul: It had better be this season. We've only been waiting on it forever.

Are Sam and Gilly the only couple to root for on the show?

Jim: I'm pretty sure I saw some attraction between Bran and Meera when they thought they were going to die. But beyond that, I think Sam and Gilly are the only relationship worth rooting for.. Goodness knows my skin craws when Jamie and Cersei start kissing... bllleaaaaah! 

Meg: I totally agree with Jim about the creepy bro/sis make-out session. That was so gross. I love Sam and Gilly together and I think Bran and Meera will be a thing BUT I think you are forgetting the best new (potential) couple: Brienne and Tormund!!!! 

Paul: I do agree that Brienne and Tormund would make a good couple, but I believe that Sam and Gilly are the best couple in Westeros. 

What did you think of the episode? How will things change now that Benjen is back? Hit the comments!

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