Outcast Season 1 Episode 2 Review: (I Remember) When She Loved Me

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Boy, that was one heavy episode.

On Outcast Season 1 Episode 2, we delved deeper into Kyle's past and learned that his childhood was anything but a sunshiny day.

The darkness is real, people, and it's not leaving Rome anytime soon.

Speaking the truth - Outcast Season 1 Episode 2

So, here's the thing. I know I haven't read the comics, but I'm starting to think Outcast is being typecast. This is not a gory horror story at all.

Sure, the gore is there as we saw in Outcast Season 1 Episode 1 with the head meets cockroach scene and with the animal killings this hour, but gore takes a backseat to the psychological elements of this story.

And for Kyle Barnes, his childhood was truly a horror story.

The imagery this hour was over-the-top phenomenal, and the interplay between light and dark made the episode especially powerful.

It's hard to believe that someone as dismal as Kyle Barnes could actually have been happy at one time. And, he was certainly happy in that opening scene with his mom. All that sunshine and light and just being carefree. That's what childhood should be like for everyone.

It's apparent that it was just him and his mom. Just being the two of them makes their bond even stronger and makes everything that followed even more distressing. 

When the "thing" entered Sarah as she was watering the lawn, it was like a punch in the gut watching him see his mom go from being "normal" to being something else.

Out of all the amazing dialogue this hour, what Kyle said to his mom at the nursing home struck me the hardest:

We're all we had.


One simple sentence that packed a powerful punch. Can you imagine? It was just him and his mom against the world, and his world just crashed and burned.

I think he has some PTSD going on, because almost everything causes him to have those horrible flashbacks. Why is he living in that house?!!! Why torture himself?!!

Disturbing is an understatement when trying to describe those scenes with him and his mom beating each other. It was hard to watch what had become of two people who were all each other had. Mom couldn't control herself, and Kyle was only trying to protect himself. 

He really had to grow up in a very short amount of time. I can't even imagine the psychological damage all that abuse caused him. Demons or not, that's some heavy stuff to deal with.

What can you say about a guy, who after going through all of that not only still visits his mom, but brings her home because he thinks she's not being treated well? I thought the "You Are My Sunshine" sing-a-long before he took her out of there to be particularly chilling and effective.

It was heartbreaking watching him want so badly for his mom to return to normal, and I admire Reverend Anderson for going through with the exorcism ritual when he knew it wasn't going to work. The man is a gem.

I want things to be like they were.


I was so surprised to see that large smile on Kyle's face when he read the note from Megan about Amber's present. Whatever happened there, I hope it gets resolved soon, because it's obvious his daughter makes him very happy. 

Having Reverend Anderson and Megan on his side is a good thing too, because he definitely needs some people on his side.

It's amazing how un-Christian those church ladies were. The one older lady (who reminded me of Professor McGonnagall from Harry Potter) certainly was quick to try to find out information about Kyle's involvement with Joshua when she was having lunch with the Reverend and the other ladies.

You could tell she couldn't wait to get out of there to blab everything she found out.

And Nosy Neighbor Norville wasn't any better. There was no reason Norville needed to go check out what was going on when Kyle brought his mom home. He wasn't trying to help. He was just being nosy. Maybe he's going to meet up with the McGonnagall look alike to compare notes.

The oily black demon isn't the only demon living in Rome, for sure.

Church is not optional. It is the only thing that will fortify us, that will sustain us, inoculate us against the darkness.

Reverend Anderson

Reverend Anderson had a special visitor during his Sunday sermon. I'm surprised he didn't notice the stranger, unless the stranger isn't really a stranger. But, I'm guessing he's not a townie. My guess is that the Black Hat Man is not of this earth.

I almost cried along with Sarah when he told her that all of her efforts to protect her son were for naught, that "they" already had him. So, what does that mean? If Kyle can fight the darkness with light and fight and his blood and tears, how is it that they "have him?"

Wouldn't he be trying to suck out people's souls if he was on the dark side?

I'm getting the feeling that Joshua and Sarah's possessions haven't been the only evil things to have happened in Rome. Chief Giles gave off that vibe when he was looking for the dead animals in the woods with Mark. That trailer was pretty creepy, and I'm wondering if that's where Black Hat Man lives?

The vines on the door were definitely from the oily black thing, but it's unclear as to what, who, or if anyone or any thing is living in that trailer.

What if the animal postings were just a trick to get Reverend Anderson's best buddy out there to do some harm to? There was something or someone watching him and Mark, and we didn't get any further with what was going on with that part of the story.

This series has me on the edge of my seat. It is outstanding in every way from the writing and the acting to the cinematography and the music. Anyone not watching Outcast is missing one fantabulous show.

Other Thoughts:

  • Did anyone else catch the changes to the opening credits?
  • That deer's dead-eye stare still creeps me out. Why would anyone want something like that around them?
  • Props to the entire cast for their outstanding performances, especially Philip Glenister and Patrick Fugit who were both amazing.
  • The Reverend and the church lady. I had to chuckle at the failed potential love scene.
  • Reverend Anderson: "If you want to reclaim your family, you need to let your mother go." So many layers there, I could write and article on that quote alone.
  • Chief Giles is awesome.

What did you think of "(I Remember) When You Used to Love Me?" Hit the comments and let us know! If you haven't yet seen this amazing series, you can watch Outcast online right here via TV Fanatic!

(I Remember) When She Loved Me Review

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Outcast Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

The battle is coming. Unless we're prepared, the darkness will spew forth with the reek of a sewer drowning us in its corruption.

Reverend Anderson

Church is not optional. It is the only thing that will fortify us, that will sustain us, inoculate us against the darkness.

Reverend Anderson