Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Exit Strategy

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No one died. 

Wayward Pines Season 2 was starting to set a precedent of killing off a fan favorite every week, but the buck stops with Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 4

We did get confirmation that Ben really is dead, if that counts for anything. 

Somone Unexpected - Wayward Pines

I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping he was still alive, but at least Xander managed to survive and make his way back to town. I'm not sure what made him think they were actually going to let him in again when he got there, though. Apparently, surviving a few days with the abbies makes you a hero and earns you a second, or tenth, chance. 

Adam Hassler's big return would have been more surprising had they not shown him in the "previously" portion of the show, however, if they hadn't, I would not have remembered him or recognized him with all that hair, so it was still a good call. 

I'm impressed Theresa recognized him on the street so easily.

I saw them making ladders with their bodies. That's problem solving, it's social structure. They're willing to sacrifice themselves. You're underestimating them. You're putting your people at risk.


Adam's purpose, of course, will be to provide insight on what he learned from the abbies and how he managed to stay alive for so long. Theo's new here, but he has a better grasp on what's coming than anyone else. It's sad really that everyone is just dismissing the body ladder when it so clearly shows that something bigger is on the way. 

We got a hint of whatever it is at the very end. An abbie made its way inside the fence. We don't know how, or if that is the only one, but we will find out. I am guessing Frank is probably a goner though. Maybe if the episode had gone on another minute we would have gotten a death this week after all. 

Rebecca: You do realize you're asking children to bear children?
Megan: It's a survival strategy used by numerous societies.
Rebecca: Primitive societies, Megan. These girls should have a choice.

With all the death, it's no surprise the town is so focused on making babies – circle of life and all that. But, really, is it necessary to force 11-year-old kids to reproduce? Especially "the old fashioned way"? 

I mean, fine, we got a throw-in explanation of why Rebecca hasn't had a baby. She failed. Though, that does beg the question: why did they just now wake up her husband if they wanted her to reproduce sooner? But that's neither here nor there. 

Why isn't Kerry pregnant with Jason's mutant offspring yet? He's the leader, shouldn't he lead by example? Not to mention, you'd think he'd want to be breeding his heir like Pilcher did with him. 

Who takes care of all these babies? Do they actually expect children to parent babies? It doesn't do much good to force children to breed if their babies all die from neglect or malnutrition. 

The baby factories are just creepy, as was that super weird musical with Pilcher's face as the moon. 

I mean, Theo said it best: 

Every time one thing here seems almost rational, two things pop up that make absolutely no sense at all.


CJ is an intriguing character, and he made a good point about giving the people hope of someday living outside the walls. But, he also seems too smart to ignore the facts Theo laid out. He's got something up his sleeve. 

So, we have a group outside the walls scouting places to plant crops and gather soil samples and what not. Adam is with them, though he hasn't shared any of his knowledge about the abbies yet. The guy just got back inside after years on the outside, and he's already back out there. 

What happens next? 

We were led to believe the group leaving town were the ones in danger, but it looks like the tables have turned. Those outside are probably safe now that the abbies have gotten inside. 

How much damage will be done by the time they get back? How do you guys think the season will end? Maybe they'll have to destroy the town and set up shop elsewhere.

I imagine Theresa's days are numbered. She's expendable now that she lost her whole family and really doesn't have much of a purpose, though maybe Adam's return will change things. I'd like to see her stick around and maybe become allies with Theo and Rebecca. 

What did you guys think? What's to come? 

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Exit Strategy Review

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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You son of a bitch. You sent Ethan here. You knew all along, didn't you? You were working with Pilcher, and you knew about this place and you were in on it. My family is all gone because of you. We trusted you.


I worry about all of them. They keep me up at night. And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to protect them. I make the tough choices. Would you?