Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Child Care

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There's family loyalty, and then there's the Cody family.

On Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 6, one thing becomes very clear – don't trust anyone outside of the family. Not even your high school teacher.

Ms. Anderson's true motivations are finally clear, and oddly, they're a little less disturbing than I originally thought. She's not actually trying to hit on J so much as she's working undercover to find out about the Cody family, saving herself from trouble in the process.

Turns out, she was caught trying to buy drugs from an undercover cop.

Now, she's being asked to do whatever it takes to get J talking, even if that means pushing some limits.

Are you asking me to sleep with a 17-year-old kid?


All the pieces are starting to come together. Ms. Anderson's involvement makes sense now, and since J is more vulnerable than ever, she's the perfect person to get him to open up.

We also see how Nicky and her family are particularly important to the story. Nicky's been around since the beginning, but now their families are involved, and Baz has plans for an elaborate con that makes things personal.

When J learns about the break in, which included Nicky's dad having his briefcase full of confidential files stolen, he puts it together and realizes his family is behind it.

Of course, he breaks up with Nicky in an effort to protect her, and when Baz finds out, we see his temper.

Baz is generally the level-headed one, but that doesn't mean he sugarcoats things. He makes it clear that J will find himself in some deep trouble if he doesn't remain loyal to the family.

Family comes first. Everything else comes second.


Smurf has made that clear to J before has well, and it seems to be a common theme – J is going to have to decide if he's in or if he's out. Period.

Speaking of Smurf, she makes it clear she's in charge, as usual, and maintains a certain power over her "boys," who at the end of the day really can't function without her.

For starters, she's literally been drugging Pope without his knowing. When he gets arrested, she's the one who's there to pick him up, and to tell his parole officer a thing or two.

That's not the only time she shows up to rescue one of her boys, though.

She also has to pick up Craig, who kind of gets what he deserves after his girlfriend figures out that he LEFT HER TO DIE.

Seriously, there are very few redeeming characteristics for any of these characters.

She tells Craig she's going to do the same to him, and her cousins come out at that moment to attack him. Mostly, they just scare the ever loving hell out of him, and then, he has to call his mama to come pick him up and bring what the guys ask for.

Smurf is basically running around town, protecting her children and getting them out of trouble and acting very cool in the process.

This episode, I should note, is titled "Child Care" which is pretty spot on.

It also seems like she could be untouchable, and we learn more about how dangerous this family actually is. But it doesn't seem like she'll be untouchable much longer.

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Child Care Review

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Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Craig: Pope spent the night in jail/
Baz: Yeah, I heard. Not even long enough to make a toothbrush into a shiv.

Are you asking me to sleep with a 17-year-old kid?