Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Kill Them All

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In a direct continuation of the events of the previous episode, Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 2 saw the crew of the Raza executing a daring, hair-brained – but ultimately effective – plan to escape the inescapable prison.

This episode gave each of the members of the crew a chance to shine... except for poor One, who was too busy being dead. Oops.

Two in Jail - Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 2

Two used her nanite superiority to overcome a guard, take his access card, and set off the riot protocol on the other guards.

Three received the schematics of the base from Delaney Truffault (Torri Higginson) of the Mikkei Combine (and also demonstrated previous hidden depths with his remarkable lipstick art skills!).

Four provided the escape shuttle on the pretense of being extradited home for his crimes.

Five and Six worked together to rescue the Android; Five retrieved the Big Gun (and used it to great effectiveness!) and Six secured the crew's egress to the shuttle.

The Android, of course, got to Kill Them All.

This being a Hollywood prison, a lot of the behavior of the guards and security protocols made absolutely no sense whatsoever, but I'm willing to let quite a lot slide because this episode was just so darned awesome.

"Kill Them All" was also chock-full of totally entertaining dialog; it's like they got sent to jail and the snark levels went through the roof!

Chief Inspector Shaddick: For years, you have left behind a wake of misery and destruction.
Three: I have also been told I chew with my mouth open.

I was slightly disappointed that Chief Inspector Shaddick met her Maker so quickly, but I'm not going to complain how much comedy she provided while she lasted. In every single scene, she got absolutely owned by the Raza crew. Even and especially the teenage girl!

Chief Inspector Shaddick: Look. I can lock you away in a cell until you are old and gray. Or I can play nice.
Five: No, I don't think you can.
Chief Inspector Shaddick: Why is that?
Five: Because it's obvious you're an incredible bitch.

Even Three, the most self-concerned one of the bunch, told Shaddick off. Ouch.

So, the crew has escaped. Here's a rundown a few items of note:

  • The team learned that One had been murdered.
  • Traugott Corp (the source of the White Hole device) was behind the attempt to kill Two, Three, and Four at the prison.
  • Five is apparently the quarry of a very powerful, very mysterious party.
  • Six was critically injured and placed into stasis until they can get somewhere with proper medical equipment and supplies.
  • The Android is unable to connect with the Raza for some reason.
  • The Raza has gained three new passengers: Devon, Nyx, and prison gang leader Arax.

Devon again didn't really get much to do but complain ineffectually about the Zairon people dragging Four back to their ship. Worked out pretty well for him, though, since he ended up hitching a ride with the Raza crew.

He did get to partially treat Six, but I'm left hoping that he gets significantly more in the coming episodes. Doubtless the crew will have opinions on the extremely circumstantial way in which he got on the ship.

As for Nyx, she ultimately didn't play a huge role in the escape, except for providing Three with some lipstick. I guess there are no discerning customers for Sharpies?

One of the three newcomers is almost certainly the asset of the mysterious figure hunting Five. Currently, my money is on Arax. Think about it: he started out an enemy, and then abruptly saved Two, Three, and Four and offered all the resources at his disposal to help them escape if only they took him with them. Hmmm...

This left me with the same feeling as Princess Leia towards the end of Star Wars: A New Hope, when she commented on the ease of their escape from the Death Star.

A few final thoughts before I turn the discussion over to you:

  • Curiously, the one who brought up the fact that they would be leaving people behind with their original escape plan was Three. Y'know, the guy who normally seems most concerned with Numero Uno.
  • Whose idea was it to give the solitary confinement prisoners an apparently totally unmonitored virtual reality in which they could engage in conspiracies without fear of getting overheard?
  • Apparently, Zairon swords are self-cleaning. Either that, or people in this universe don't have blood.
  • On a related note, when Four engaged in his duel at the end, he gave the woman back her own sword, which he had taken from her while her while she was unconscious.
  • Be sure to check out our Dark Matter quotes page for some of the notable lines from this episode. There were a few corkers, let me tell you.

If you haven't, be sure to watch Dark Matter online! Also, tune in on Firday, July 15 at 10/9c on Syfy for Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 3, "I've Seen the Other Side of You."

So, what did you think of "Kill Them All"? Was the jailbreak as exciting as you hoped it would be? How do you feel about One missing the boat, as it were? Who is looking for Five and why? Let us know in the comments section below!

Kill Them All Review

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Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Chief Inspector Shaddick: Look. I can lock you away in a cell until you are old and gray. Or I can play nice.
Five: No, I don't think you can.
Chief Inspector Shaddick: Why is that?
Five: Because it's obvious you're an incredible bitch.

Chief Inspector Shaddick: You are the only one who has anything to lose here.
Five: If you can convict them without my help, then do it. Leave me alone.