Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 5 Review: We Voted Not to Space You

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There were so many great lines and moments on Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 5, it was hard to get them all down. Plus one case of revenge that was simultaneously satisfying... yet not very satisfying at all.

The cold open with the Android at the bar was really not as shocking or surprising or even all that startling as I think it was meant to be; after all, we left her at the end of the previous episode clutching that upgrade.

In the end, this story turned out to be less about the Android and her upgrade than it did about One, despite One being, well, dead.

Going Undercover - Dark Matter

Don't get me wrong, seeing the Android take on the entire bar was pretty awesome, but in a crew with nanite-enhanced Two, sword-master Four, and prescient Nyx, I already miss the Android's semi-innocent state.

The heart-to-heart between the Android and the Hologram only reinforced this for me.

Obviously, this is a meta-perspective opinion, not an in-universe issue. Call it an embarrassment of riches to have so many amazing characters, and amazing female characters, in the cast. And, clearly, having an extra face worked out well for the crew of the Raza.

Android: Oh! This has sugar in it.
GA Guard [confused]: You said two sugars!
Android: No, I said 'no sugar.'

I almost felt bad for that GA guard, who was surely expecting to get fired by the time Chief Inspector Kierken left.

Speaking of Kierken, we had a bit of a Lost Girl reunion! I couldn't help but giggle when Kris Holden-Ried showed up as the cop charged with hunting down the Raza crew. I was a bit disappointed that he didn't actually get to share screen time with his former co-star Zoie Palmer, but there's still time!

I was pleased to see Kierken get a bit of characterization here, beyond being a cardboard cutout. After the cave-in, what was the first thing he did? Check on his lieutenant, then have the grace to look upset upon realizing he was dead.

I practically cheered at my screen when he refused to dig out Four and instead waited for backup. I love a smart antagonist. And later, Kierken ordered his men to lower their weapons, not drop them. Awesome!

Indeed, I hope that this was not the last we see of Chief Inspector Kierken.

So... let's talk Devon! This is a character who desperately needs some blanks filled in. Not only does he seem alarmingly competent with firearms, he's also acquainted with criminals!

Devon: They run an import/export business.
Five: So, smugglers.
Devon: If you wanna get technical.

We saw a very brief flashback of him losing a young patient on the operating table. The question becomes whether he lost the patient because he's an addict, or he's an addict because he lost the patient.

Our other newcomer, Nyx, also clearly demonstrated her prescience; that is, she can see and/or sense the future. This goes way beyond being skilled at anything, this is a game-breaking power.

I'm actually a little frustrated with the character at this point. She can beat Four at swordplay, she knows how to get through saferoom doors, she can sense when a tunnel ceiling is going to collapse. Seriously, is there anything she can't do?

I won't go so far as to call her a Mary Sue, but they really need to do something to make her not so two-dimensionally amazing. Like, I don't know, explain just how she ended up in jail (again, according to Season 2 Episode 1) when she's just so epic at fighting.

I like Melanie Liburd, and she does a great job in the role. Just flesh out the character!

Now, let's turn our attention to Jace Corso. Y'know, for a guy Two described as becoming "paranoid," he sure wasn't very smart. After all, Danny Bones knew where to find him. And so, apparently, did the GA.

Hiding from your enemies is a lot easier if you're, well, hidden. Like, no one knows where you are. Then again, Corso was previously demonstrated to have a big mouth when he gets drunk, so...

Anyway, Two took her revenge on Corso, even after he tried to weasel his way out of it.

Jace Corso: I didn't kill him just because he stole my face. I was paid.
Two: I already know. It was Traugott that tried to kill all of us in prison.
Jace Corso: You're wrong. You don't know anything. If you want revenge, if you want the people really responsible, you have to keep me alive.
Two: You're the one who pulled the trigger. For now, that's good enough. [shoots him in the head]

His death was both satisfying, yet empty. It was great that he wasn't able to talk his way out by promises of revealing the person who hired him, but in the end, it was sort of anticlimactic the way he went down with a single bullet to the forehead.

I wonder what Chief Inspector Kierken will think when they find his body? "Well, at least we don't have to put him on trial for all the bad things he did!"

One of my favorite moments of the episode came at the end, when Two, Three, and Nyx intercept Kierken and his men taking Four back to their ship:

Kierken: If you open fire, you risk killing your friend!
Three: I think he's okay with that!
Four: It would be a better death than what I'll get if you take me.
Three: Told ya!

A few final thoughts before I turn the discussion over to you, fellow fans:

  • How did Chief Inspector Kierken find out where to find Jace Corso? Did he question Danny Bones, too?
  • It's awfully lucky that our heroes managed to find the one guy who knew were Jace Corso could be found.
  • Something tells me that the Android's upgrade won't last too much longer. I really don't trust that Victor android...
  • Anthony Lemke (Three) seems to get me in every episode. It's the little things, really, like how he twirls his sidearm, or the expression on his face when the Android slapped him.
  • Maybe the crew of the Raza should invest in more accurate guns? This group of awe-inspiring fighters were hitting pretty much everything except their target, again. See my review of Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 3 for more of this.
  • Be sure to check out our Dark Matter quotes page for some of this episode's notable lines.

Don't forget to watch Dark Matter online if you haven't already! Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 6, "We Should Have Seen This Coming," is scheduled to air on Friday, AUgust 5, 2016 at 10/9c on Syfy.

So, what did you think of "We Voted Not to Space You"? Did you like the Android's upgrade? Was it satisfying to get revenge on Jace Corso, or would you rather have kept him around longer? Would you like to see more of Chief Inspector Kierken?

Let us know in the comments section below!

We Voted Not to Space You Review

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Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Android: Oh! This has sugar in it.
GA Guard [confused]: You said two sugars!
Android: No, I said 'no sugar.'

Two [to Six]: Good news -- we voted not to space you. For now, anyway.
Devon: Oh. Good to know I didn't do all that work for nothing.