Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Going Out Fighting

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It's immensely satisfying as a viewer to watch as the villain's plans go awry for once. After all, we're all so used to seeing the heroes' plans get screwed up.

Happily, Alexander Rook got that treatment on Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 9. Having the nanites 2.0 as the perfect bait and poor Dr. Waver as the perfect patsy, he thought he had everything set just right.

However, as Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Elder pointed out, "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy."

I can't tell you how pleased I was when Rook's goo monster infiltration of Three got spotted right away by Six, who noticed Three's out-of-character behavior and said something about it! And then they incapacitated Three and safely locked him up!

I was half-expecting that "Three-is-mind-controlled" thing to drag on another episode or three, but Six was right on the ball.

Did he save my life? Again? This is gettin' kinda old, isn't it?


The two scientist friends of Dr. Waver were also pretty entertaining, especially when they started geeking out over the Raza crew's "illegal criminal devices from the storeroom" and the tech used to beat the retina scan.

It was too bad about Dr. Waver, but he was pretty much doomed from the word "go."

One of the other bright points from this episode was the scene with The Android and Five and Five's hot chocolate. The Android has been pretty much the breakout character from the very beginning of the series, and it is scenes like this that showcase the character's natural charm and humor:

The Android: Hot chocolate? ...Did you know that I possess over 20 million taste receptors?
Five: Um... do you want a sip?
The Android [immediately]: Okay!

The cherry on top was how The Android actually walked off with Five's hot chocolate, despite her repeated attempts to reclaim it!

On the "less awesome" side, Four and Nyx were doing the horizontal tango and for some reason thought that they could keep this a secret from the other members of the crew. Redeeming this to a large degree was Three in the following scene:

You guys moved up to grappling?

Three [on Nyx and Four "working out"]

Have I mentioned previously how much I love Three? Because I do.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of "Fyx" (nor, indeed, of Nyx's character in general), so it definitely made me smile that their ill-conceived attempt at secrecy was so quickly foiled. (Seriously, on a ship with fewer than ten people?!)

On a side note: it's a small, but persistent pet peeve in television in general -- when saying, "I need help!" over the radio or whatever, I really wish characters would be more specific. Where are you, and what do you need help with?

For instance: "Two's unconscious on the floor of her room! Someone help me get her to sickbay!"

Visiting Earth felt weirdly empty. This is the birthplace of humanity, yet no one seemed at all excited to be there. Granted, the circumstances were a bit grim, but you'd think that someone would express some interest or curiosity in this?

Instead, they spent most of the time on the space station in orbit. Maybe no one really cares about Earth anymore? It just felt a bit odd.

A few final notes before I turn the conversation over to you:

  • It's always pleasing to me when heroes with stun weapons remember they can use them on each other if the situation calls for it.
  • Did they retrieve the stasis pod from space, or are they now out a stasis pod?
  • Normally, drawing blood from one person and just injecting it into another person is a recipe for a potentially fatal reaction. I assume that the nanites compensated for anything like that when Six injected Two.
  • Four's sword was not self-cleaning in this episode, and clearly showed blood stains when he rescued Three and Six.
  • Note to Four's Stepmother: Executing your generals for failing to win battles is not a good long-term strategy to win a war.

Remember to watch Dark Matter online if you haven't already! Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 10 is slated to air on Friday, September 2, 2016 at 10/9c on Syfy.

So, what did you think of "Going Out Fighting?" Did you like seeing one of Rook's plans go awry for once? What do you think was the deal with the goo monster, anyway? Should Four go home? Let us know in the comments section below!

Going Out Fighting Review

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Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I'm not going to die a slow death. If I'm going out, I'm going out fighting.


You guys moved up to grappling?

Three [on Nyx and Four "working out"]