Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Esta 'Cosa' Que Es Nuestra

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Nothing worked out quite as planned on Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 10 as both Teresa and Camila went on two very different Mexican adventures. 

Camila actually returned to Mexico when Epifanio swore her life was in danger after her botched hit on Birdman. After insisting she wasn’t coming back, her acquiescence was a bit of a surprise.

But not as unexpected as her tabletop romp with her estranged husband; the best part of which was the staff members' reactions in the kitchen below. Does that guy need those earplugs often?

Equally surprising was the post coital conversation between the couple afterwards…

Epifanio: Why is this the only place we are ever totally honest with one another?
Camila: I don’t know. May have something to do with the fact that we're naked.

What struck me about that entire conversation was how obvious it was that Epifanio is the romantic of this duo. Yes, he’s arrogant and controlling but on some level, he loves Camila. 

Does Camila still have feelings for Epifanio? That’s less clear. He’s her husband and the father of her child but Camila is definitely the more pragmatic of the pair and more likely to compartmentalize her feelings. 

Certainly, these two can make one another’s lives easier or more difficult. Despite the sex and temporary truce, I doubt they’ll be making each other’s existence easier any time soon.

Teresa’s trip to Mexico was very different. It wasn’t shocking that Maria’s family didn’t welcome her with open arms but I don’t think she expected them to want her dead. 

I couldn’t say that Maria’s father was wrong. The cartel could very well have tortured Teresa to find Maria. Actually, killing Teresa makes sense for everyone involved. The only face Maria saw was Teresa’s. Teresa is the only one who can be linked back to Camila. If Teresa disappeared, that could solve everyone’s problems, even Epifanio’s. 

Teresa’s day went from bad to worse when she found herself standing on top of a dirty toilet in a filthy bathroom desperately grabbing for a journal that was no longer there. 

When that man handed it back to her, he looked as though he thought the thing was cursed. He couldn’t wait to have it gone. 

But Teresa is a survivor and luck was on her side with the journal, Maria’s father, and with James. 

James Tracks Teresa - Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 10

Now that James knows about Brenda and Tony, he has more leverage on Teresa, but the flip side is that Teresa knows that James lied to Camila about Maria. 

One of the best moments of the episode was when James tried to force Brenda to turn over Teresa by threatening to kill her two minions. I had no doubt what Brenda’s response would be, but this Queen of the South quote still made me laugh…

Gotta do what you gotta do.


So who removed pages from that journal and why? Can Brenda and Teresa break the code and save themselves…and if so, what does that even look like for them?

Check back next week from my review of Queen of the South season 1 episode 11 and if you need to catch up, you can watch Queen of the South online here at TV Fanatic.

Esta 'Cosa' Que Es Nuestra Review

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