The Young and the Restless Recap: A Win for Dylan, But is it Too Late for Adam?

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If this was a game of clue, it would go something like this:

Bethany did it in the cheap motel room with the journal pages. But on The Young and the Restless Recap, even if you guessed that's where the evidence would ultimately lead Dylan and Paul, you'd still lose the game.

The Pages - The Young and the Restless

For the time being, Dylan is the hero of Genoa City. He's the only person in town who cared one ounce about the truth. I'm not talking about the rule of law or Victor's rules or continuing to pursue a case because you want to know if your ex was the culprit.

Dylan was being an honest and true detective the entire way through Adam's case. He didn't want an innocent man to go to prison because a good detective never wants a guilty party to be running the streets.

It's a shame Paul has lost that nagging feeling in his blood, but maybe he'll get it back after watching how diligently Dylan worked the case even after being warned away by him, and maybe he'll remember the same blood that keeps Dylan's fight alive is coursing through his veins, too.

The Patsy - The Young and the Restless

Dylan asked straight away: Why Bethany? What does she have against Adam? 

Let's hope he doesn't lose the urge get to the bottom of that mystery, either. While it wouldn't be a surprise if Bethany DID ride off to a country without an extradition treaty never to be seen again, there was something in the way Victor said, "You know what to do," to someone on the phone that makes me thinks she's not gone.

Did Victor put a hit on her? Did he not want her taking off with his $3 million? Would he go so far as cold blooded murder of someone he doesn't even know? It's impossible to put anything past Victor Newman.

And why should we? That's what I want to know about Paul, who questioned Victor, who admitted to working with Bethany, and then Paul walked away. That was puzzling. If Bethany skipped down, does Paul really think he needs more evidence to take Victor in than Victor's own word on working with her?

That's very odd. 

And it's all for nothing. Adam went kind of nuts in prison. Did we really want to drag the use of that set on so badly that he had to beat a prison guard? Ugh.

Troubled Adam - The Young and the Restless

Can Michael work magic to get him out of prison or will he be stuck in there for the foreseeable future? Please let it be option number one.

Chloe still wants Adam to suffer and pay for what he did to Delia. What he did to Delia was an accident. What she did to Adam and his family is on purpose. Who is the worse human being? Generally, it's a toss up.

For Chloe to be living in Chelsea's house and pretending life is a sitcom, she's crossing a lot of lines. It's hard to cheer her on, but if we're moving past these stories, then let's just do it. If I never hear about punishment for Delia again, but only hear her name in celebration of her beautiful little life, I will be pleased.

The one thing the show did right with Delia was introducing Jason Thompson with Delia. We got the impression Delia was happy. It's time to knock Chloe over the head and give her a Delia moment that allows her to move on and love Bella without Delia holding her back. It's time to let go of the anger.

While we're in the mood to let go, can we finally find out what the heck Jill is up to with her sudden urge reunite Billy and Victoria?

Bend to Jill's Will - The Young and the Restless

One of the best scenes this week was when it finally dawned on Billy that he was a jackass during most of his relationship with Victoria, but suddenly his mother thinks if he and Vic get back together, he'll no longer BE a jackass, and that doesn't sound right at all.

He enlisted Cain's help to find out what she's really up to, and Cain is now on the inside of both Jill and Billy's worlds. He told Jill he'd trust her just like she trusts him. He knows that's not very much, so here's hoping this whole odd situation culminates in a genuine friendship between Billy and Cain.

We need more friendships in Genoa City. We all know it. Last week's scene with all the ladies in a room together cemented it. We're waiting.

Plus, Victoria admitted to Billy she regrets not taking that sailing trip around the world with Travis. In fact, she took one for the team, got on a plane and is in Mexico trying to get Travis back to town to warn the dimwitted Summer away from Luca.

With that, we got another new set!!! And Travis is back with the set. 

Travis Sails Back into Victoria's Life - The Young and the Restless

I'm not going to lie, I thought Travis was wonderful for Victoria. She had genuine fun with him and came alive in their scenes. I'm also not going to lie about this...I wish he didn't wax his chest so he looked like a prepubescent boy. But, he, the set and the relationship are all welcome. 

Not only do I hope it means he'll come back to Genoa City and usher in a new, more casual lifestyle for Vic, but I cannot wait to see the look on Jill's face when she sees her hopes sail out the port hole.

It's worrisome the darkest Summer (has a girl named so bright ever been so stupid?) will probably marry Luca before her family gets a chance to stop her, but perhaps that will give them the clue they need. 

She's too dumb to look after at this stage. Let her make her mistakes. Like Victor said, she's REALLY listening to Luca over her own family? Why? What evidence does she have that he's looking out for her more than they would?

It's ludicrous. Oh well. Melt little snowflake.

And then we have Mariah. Poor, dear Mariah. Caught in the headlights with the question from Kevin, "So you DON'T have feelings for me?" If I was Mariah, I'd say no. Which would be the wrong answer.

The right answer to get this entire thing out in the open is to say yes, but girls don't often do that. She wants him to know it without it being said. It's too scary to say it and admit it out loud, knowing he might say, "eh, isn't it too bad that I'm in love with Chloe?"

Either way, I think they're destiny, and I'm holding my breath in anticipation with each scene they're sharing now. They're adorable. Mariah is adorable, and Chloe is no match for her in any way. 

Is Kevin smart enough to see that? Doubtful. After all, he doesn't even recognize his own ex wife wearing a wig. Oof.

What are your thoughts on the week? We're coming up on The Young and the Restless 27 year anniversary and 11,000 episodes on September 1. How will YOU celebrate? 

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