Watch Tyrant Online: Season 3 Episode 5

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Was Barry's plan necessary to avoid further attacks?

That was a key question on Tyrant Season 3 Episode 5 after Barry managed to foil some of the attacks.

Meanwhile on this FX drama, Al-Qadi spoke out against violence and restriction of religious freedom, but did it help matters?

Also, Leila's relationship with Cogswell intensified, but did something manage to come between them and ruin it all for them?

Use the video above to watch Tyrant online to get up to speed with the latest developments for the characters in this crazy drama. 

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Tyrant Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Haitham: Don't you read my blog?
Sammy: I don't like you that much.

You know what you can do for me, Barry? You can let me go.