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Molly survives her pills, but after she comes close to jumping off a balcony, she decides to check herself into a treatment center in Germany. 

Ahmed tries to connect with his new found brother and father -- Sammy opens up to him about Emma, but Barry brushes him off when he wants to watch the President at work.

Fauzi is ahead in the polls by 15%, frustrating Leila, who can't get the Abuddinian Women's Forum to support her. She confronts Daliyah about her relationship with Barry when she is issued a summons to appear in front of the TJC. Her sister finds out about the affair with Cogswell, and cautions her about getting too involved. Cogswell affirms his devotion to her, telling her about a meeting with Fauzi, and that he's been in love with her for five years. 

Fauzi is falling for Daliyah, but when he shows up to her place at night with a thank you gift of chocolates, she's rushed off to the palace to answer Barry's call. Things get steamy as Barry opens up about his loss, and he and Daliyah end up in bed together.

Halima finds out about Sammy's affair with Haitham, and threatens to expose the two to Barry. She is appalled that he would risk putting his father's political legacy in danger with his affair. Sammy plants a tree for Emma. 

The Caliphate, under Sheik Abdullah's direction, continues to put out propaganda videos inciting Abuddinians to violence against the government. After stopping two separate groups of radicalized students from perpetrating bombings, Barry decides to close down the prayer rooms on the University's campus. The religious students, Al-Qadi, and his followers are all outraged. At his wife's urging, Al-Qadi attends a protest on campus. Instead of taking the opportunity to set himself up as Barry's enemy as she suggests, he intervenes when tensions between the military and students are at a boiling point, encouraging everyone to leave in peace. His brother-in-law is not pleased and warns Nafisa that if he continues on this path, the Caliphate will eliminate him.   

Abuddin prepares a refugee camp and drops flyers warning Syrian citizens of future bombings. Barry insists that the way to fight the Caliphate effectively is to show the world the compassion of Abuddin. Al-Qadi's brother and his family are among those that flee Syria. 

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Tyrant Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Haitham: Don't you read my blog?
Sammy: I don't like you that much.

You know what you can do for me, Barry? You can let me go.