Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 12 Review: White Lies Part 2

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How creepy were those neo-Nazis stomping their feet in unison at the end of  Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 12?

There's nothing scarier than a cult leader who appears to be able to murder with impunity and who has the total loyalty of his followers, and Jordan Graff certainly fits that bill.

He is smug, arrogant, and filled with hate -- will  the Major Crimes Unit be able to bring him to justice?

Having the cops' investigation of Graff and his neo-Nazi organization be intertwined with Sharon's confession to her priest elevated this episode to a higher level.

Unlike the evil Graff, Sharon is grappling with big questions related to her use of deadly force against Dwight Darnell.

And if I can take a life with no feeling at all, I don't know who I am anymore.


The fact that Sharon is questioning everything proves that she is the good person that she fears she is not. It's not her numbness that's the problem; it's her fear that that numbness means she doesn't care about the sanctity of human life.

Meanwhile, Graff has ordered many murders and seemed to be using his followers to threaten Sharon and the rest of the Major Crimes Unit without any signs of conflict over what he's doing.

I'd say you're all in over your heads and have been for some time.


Is the Major Crimes Unit in over its head? Maybe. But I'm hoping Graff is headed for a fall.

This three-part story is much easier to swallow than the five part "Hindsight" that spanned from  Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 19  to Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 24. The story flows more naturally and is far more interesting.

In addition, weaving Julio's foster kid into it adds another dramatic element.

There wasn't much of that in "White Lies Part 2", but what little there was, was a riveting setup for future conflicts. Julio wanted to go home and take care of Mark, but Provenza considered Mark a neo-Nazi in training who shouldn't take precedence over the case.

Hopefully this conflict will escalate in future episodes. In any event, it's wonderful to see Julio have this story arc, which guarantees that he will finally get the consistent airtime he deserves.

Do you want to ask me what I did wrong? Do you want to ask me how I raised a kid who grew up to do these terrible things?

Ms. Darnell

Julio also stands in direct contrast with Dwight Darnell's mother, who hates what her son has become but is convinced that everyone else blames her and refuses to cooperate much with the investigation.

There is clearly more to the story than she is letting on, and her extreme reaction to being asked about Dwight's father suggests that perhaps he was the catalyst for Dwight's downfall in some way.

Vogel: Yeah, I knew Dwight. A real sweet kid.
Sykes: Yeah, adorable. I watched him shoot up a courtroom, kill my chief and a couple of good friends.

It was both sad and heartwarming to see how the rest of the MCU is keeping Chief Taylor's memory alive and trying to honor it by solving his murder.

Sykes was particularly strong, standing up regularly to white supremacists and people who didn't seem to want to take their interrogaiton seriously.

You made the difference in your life. Don't forget that.

Dr. Joe

Rusty's short little scene with Dr. Joe was one of the highlights of the hour. Even while recovering from being shot and having to keep secret that he's alive at all, Dr. Joe is a calming, encouraging influence in Rusty's life. He needs to get well soon, because Rusty desperately needs a session.

I wasn't thrilled with Gus' response to Rusty's attempting to search for Billy Jones. Granted, Gus doesn't know that Dr. Joe is actually alive, and Rusty's decision not to spill the beans was surprisingly mature, given his previous behavior.

However, Gus was dismissive of Rusty's work, apparently ignoring that that same dedication was what led Rusty to uncover the identity of his sister in the first place. He also was quick to psychoanalyze Rusty. It came across as demeaning rather than concerned.

Hecht: Hey, what's the bug up his ass? I don't get it.
Provenza: The two men at the ATM who were murdered... his father. His uncle.

Buzz finally got a real lead in his father and uncle's murders! Going through high school yearbooks was ingenuous. It will be exciting to see what comes of this lead.

What did you think of "White Lies, Part 2"? Are you enjoying this three-episode arc so far? Is there a particular storyline you love or would like to see less of?

Weigh in below, and don't forget you can always watch Major Crimes online if you missed anything.

White Lies Part 2 Review

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Your rules, Father, not mine.