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Sharon goes to confession and states she committed a mortal sin because she killed Dwight. The priest says it is acceptable because she did it to save others' lives. But Sharon says she has no remorse.

The detectives investigate the death of the court clerk and find she was poisoned and back broken.

Provenza and Julio argue because Julio wants to go home to his foster son and Provenza says that has to wait until this investigation is complete and thinks Mark is a junior Klan member.

Meanwhile, the white supremacists are protesting Jordan Graffs arrest and the seizure of the property. Graff goes on and complains that whites are not accepted and are persecuted, etc. Some loser tries to punch Flynn and is arrested.

Sharon doubts everything. She doesn't know who she is anymore.

The ME can't identify the poison, but the victim has a Nazi tattoo. Sharon wonders whether Sims knew about it.

The cops have found that Darnell's mother lied. She visited a Jerry Vogel in county jail several times. Vogel works for the white supremacists.

Provenza doesn't understand how Sims could comply with his own murder.

The video shows Mrs. Darnell telling Vogel to try to talk to Dwight about giving up his white supremacy but Vogel wouldn't if she didn't expose her breasts to him.

Sharon says they must call it a night. She asks Provenza to conduct an important interview with Buzz in the morning. Everyone leaves. Flynn tells Sharon he is going to interview Vogel. Sharon doesn't seem to be listening.

Sharon tells the priest she should not be merely suspicious of Ms. Darnell. She believes that adult children must take responsibility for their own actions.

Rusty sees a prisoner being escorted in and tells Buzz he's done an awesome job no matter what. Buzz seems nervous as he walks in.

Buzz and Provenza interview Hecht, who claims it is illegal to detain him without charges. Buzz tells him he lied to him and Jennifer  Edwards didn't back up his alibi. Provenza says it looks bad. Hecht could be put on death row. Buzz says if they can't find Hecht's accomplice he will let him take the whole fall for the murders. Rusty watches nervously as Hecht tries to get out of this. Provenza says Hecht must agree to testify against his partner. Hecht gives the name "Billy Jones". He has no other info. Buzz says Hecht will remain in isolation until William Jones is found.

It turns out the guy who punched Flynn was an undercover. The cops are trying to figure out where he can be best be used now that the courthouse shooting has occurred. The UC isn't sure who runs the Z-Brotherhood now. He thinks Graff is at the top but not sure.  Graff pushed Colson Sr out of the way to get into power. Graff doesn't care about money. The UC was close to a promotion under Colson and had to start over now that Graff is in charge. There was a partner under the radar, he thinks.

Howard is under a lot of pressure and thinks the UC should be removed from the assignment. The UC thinks he can get closer. Howard says the conspiracy got past him. Flynn asks about Sims. The UC doesn't know.

Rusty goes to see Dr. Joe. Dr. Joe is glad for a familiar face. Rusty is grateful to be able to tell him what a difference he made for him. Provenza comes in and kicks Rusty out.  He wants to talk to Joe about Dwight. Joe says Dwight started out by saying his father was dead, then gradually started idolizing an imaginary father.  Deputy Sims wsa in the room all the time. Joe is doubtful that Sims helped with his own murder. Provenza admits they all missed something, maybe even himself.

Sharon tells the priest there is no one else who understands, not even Andy. She doesn't know how to seek contrition.

More victims are found and possibly the poison, which is gross and possibly in puke. They found dead rats who ate the food the dead woman threw away.

Rusty finds over 100 William Joneses on Facebook. Gus is not enjoying Rusty working on this. He is concerned that Rusty is not reacting to Joe's death. He is also mad that Rusty isn't watching a movie with him. Rusty closes his computer and says Sharon told him not talk to anyone about Joe. Rusty confides in Gus that Sharon seems off since the shooting. He doesn't really want to watch a violent movie with Gus but does anyway.

UC Nolan recognizes a bunch of people from the security footage at the Thai restaurant. Flynn thinks they should intervie Vogel. Sharon sends Sykes and Amy to do that.

Vogel calls Ms. Darnell a "foxerella". He met her after his arrest for DUI. Vogel thinks Ms. Darnell wants him. He thought Dwight was a sweetheart kid. Flynn and Julio tell him that he's in over his head and is going to be killed by the Z-Brotherhood eventually. Sykes offers him protection. He wants out and his DUIs expunged so he can get a car without a breathalyzer. Sharon says Vogel is not getting out. Vogel says he won't talk without those demands. Sharon says UC Nolan should spend a night in jail with Vogel. Get Graff to represent him for a drunk and disorderly.

Sharon confesses she's not sure she needs absolution. The priest suggests she already has absolution from the LAPD. He asks her who she needs absolution from.

Sharon talks to Ms. Darnell again. She says she realizes the nature of Ms. Darnell's loss. Howard isn't sure this is a good idea.

Ms. Darnell is upset that Dwight was in white power. She didn't raise him that way. She recognizes the name Brian Schultz. Dwight worked for him in high school. She says she spoke to Vogel because Sims wouldn't let her talk to Dwight and did let her talk to Vogel about Dwight.

Ms. Darnell is defensive and thinks Sharon is judging how she raised Dwight. She still loves her son and she understands why Sharon shot him. She says Dwight said crazy things the last few years. She refuses to talk about the name of Dwight's father and says he had nothing to do with it.

Vogel is suddenly ready to talk. He says he has to leave where he's at. Some dude slammed him into the bars and said they know he's a snitch. He'll talk if he gets protective custody and a margarita. He says Sims was the go-between and he doesn't know who shot Sims but he thinks it might be Graff. They make Vogel call Graff.

Vogel tells Graff that his life is in danger and he's worried about Ms. Darnell having talked. Graff says neither Vogel nor Ms. Darnell knows anything. Vogel pushes too hard and Graff closes his briefcase. Vogel threatens to tell the cops "everything." Graff suggests Vogel seek protective custody.

Sharon confronts Graff about Hy-Sun's murder. A bunch of arrested Nazis are lined up in the hall. Graff tells the cops they're all in over their heads and all the neo-Nazis start stamping their feet in unison as Graff walks away. He gives them a smug smile as he gets in the elevator.

Buzz thinks he has found Billy Jones in the library of annuals. He found a William Jones in Hecht's yearbook who had a juvenile record. Buzz wants to know why Hecht was protecting Billy.

Andy asks Sharon if she is okay. Is she still troubled about Dwight?  Sharon says no. She says she couldn't feel the weight of the murders til today -- who is the heavy who is helping Graff?








Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Just like Dwight and just like Deputy Sims, everyone involved with this conspiracy ends up dead.


Your rules, Father, not mine.