The Young and the Restless Recap: Jack & Phyllis ON THE ROCKS!!!

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This week had a fairly singular focus. While there was minor coverage of Dylan still trying to get justice for Adam and Neil discussing his mother, about 80% of the week focused on the big story. 

The end of the affair and the ramifications of what it meant when everyone learned about it.

Many of you have said you don't like my two cents thrown in, so this is as straight recap as it gets. Maybe you'll add your own thoughts as a result? Dig in guys.

A Vow - The Young and the Restless

Phyllis finally tells Jack she sees Marco every time they're together. She also tells Billy it's over, just minutes after he leaves Jill at the hospital, where she's recovering from acid reflux.

Jill wants to make sure Colin knows Billy is off limits, even after she tells him about the affair. Of course, he doesn't pay attention. He goes directly to Jack and delivers the news about the "Divine Phyllis" and Billy as Jill is learning the relationship between Billy and Phyllis is over.

Money Hungry - The Young and the Restless

Phyllis is telling Billy about the honesty she recalls from her marriage. She is trying to convince him she was wrong, blinded by her running from herself. That Billy was the only person in the world who could see the real her. That Jack could not understand the pain she went through after Marco. But she was wrong. Once they talked, he understood.

He loves her, and she's not going to punish him for looking like a man who made her life a living hell. Before Marco there was Jack. Before Billy there was Jack. She's going to find that beautiful, loving, decent man again. She thinks her affair with Billy had nothing to do with Billy and everything to do with her. She can't hurt people anymore. She won't.

Therapy - The Young and the Restless

Phyllis and Jack are at marriage counseling. She's dumping everything about Marco and how she still sees him in Jack's face. She wants to crack open her head and trample out his memory. But Jack leaves the session and walks away from Phyllis, leaving her confused.

Billy pours his heart out to his mother who finally realizes, "Billy, you love her."

Jack goes to Phyllis about Colin's bribe. What does he know? Jill tells him Colin is a snake. Everyone knows it. Just ignore it.

But Jack goes a step further. He takes a big sack of money to Colin and starts throwing it at Colin trying to get him to talk. Oh Jack.

Colin tries to lie better than he's ever done before. Can he do it? Can he trick Jack? In fact, he does. Jack probably feels more confused after talking to Colin than he did before.

What is THIS? - The Young and the Restless

Ashley is getting a lot further with Billy. She doesn't even have to poke to hard to get the truth. She's stunned and horrified. He tells her they just started talking, and kept talking and realized they understood each other more than anyone else. He also tells her their connection is all in their hearts, never in bed.

Phyllis is at the therapist crying, confessing, while Jack runs into Ashley who runs away from him. She ultimately tells him Billy is in love with Phyllis.

Phyllis is also angry at herself because she didn't recognize Marco wasn't Jack. She didn't push him away. The therapist thinks her guilt was the driving force in what happened with Billy. She just wants to know what to do, to be cleared of wrongdoing.

Confrontation - The Young and the Restless

Jack walks in on Billy snogging with the red haired model. Billy didn't remember her name. As usual. Billy wonders why Jack is raining on his parade. Jack says, "Another half-dressed bimbo..." "Be careful, that half-dressed bimbo could be the love of my life," Billy retorts. "That's funny, I heard Phyllis was," Jack counters


Billy is beside himself. Angry because Phyllis doesn't love him and Jack is probably too stupid to do right by Phyllis. Billy says it was never a contest. She's always loved Jack, she was just lost. Go, be a man and make sure she knows he loves her.

Billy then tells Ashley she ripped their family apart. Phyllis slams the therapist for making everything worse, and when she gets into the parking lot, Jack is waiting for her in his car. Jack just follows her home and questions her.

On the Outside - The Young and the Restless

Ashley finds out Billy did sleep with Phyllis, so now she's uber pissed. Billy gets no support from anyone. He came clean with Ashley in confidence and got nothing. The moment that you and Phyllis gave into each other, that marriage was doomed, and that, little brother, is something you're going to have to live with for the rest of your life.

Jack is acting very Marco as he confronts Phyllis. Jack wants to know how much she turned to Billy. Did she sleep with him? It gets ugly between them. Jack can't believe it happened in the cabin, where she helped him overcome his addiction and where they fell in love all over again. 

She likens Billy to the pills, he was like an addition. You know they're bad, but you just can't stop. Until Jill gets involved, anyway. That really sets things off the rails. If Jill hadn't known, they would still be together! It just gets worse from there, until Jack walks out, leaving Phyllis in tears.

The Beginning - The Young and the Restless

Jack's next move is to greet a reporter with Neil about the foundation. This can't possibly go well.

Vicky, Travis and Cane get back to see Brash & Sassy wrecked. This is why Billy pulled out of the trip? So much for something important.

Vicky wanted to know what was going on with Billy, and only finds out when Phyllis runs into Brash & Sassy to say she told Jack everything. "He knows about us," she says. Vicky was down in her bag. Back up again, now she's curious. Us? What us?

At home, Vicky is enraged and a ball of anxiety. Travis rubbing her feet does nothing for her. At all. Hey, at least he's your ex, right? He's not your problem anymore. Except Vicky says Billy will always be her problem.

At the club, Jack is trying to do an interview about the foundation which turns into a soliloquy about addicts, and his brother, in particular. Some addicts never take solace in the type of help found at a foundation and will continue screwing up their lives forever. Or sleeping with Jack's wife!

Billy is telling Phyllis all of this means they can finally run away together. He truly is in love with Phyllis. She, however, has other plans. Surely Jack will forgive her. Eventually.

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