The Young and the Restless Recap: Phyllis Takes a Tumble

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The people of Genoa City really need to stop meddling in each other's lives.

If they'd do that, there would be far fewer people crashing and burning around town. But as it stands, the favorite pastime on The Young and the Restless is to poke around in other people's business.

Bring It On - The Young and the Restless

Jack wanted to know why Jill betrayed him. Jill lied and came up with some dumb excuse, but it's not easy to sound logical when your idea of stemming the bleed of your son's affair with your good friend is to blackmail your friend's wife. Jack really wished she would have told him.

Granted, it probably wouldn't have made this whole scenario any better, but it could have preserved their friendship. Not that I don't fully expect Jack and Jill to recover. Jack could have also found Billy and Phyllis when they were in the throes of passion instead of "in love" and who knows? It might have made a difference.

The thing that's really sticking in Jack's craw is that he became so complacent. He became kind and considerate and thoughtful of others, only to have them throw it back in his face like trash.

To be honest, that's kind of what I did to him, so he's right. It was easy to blame Jack for being darn forgiving. He slammed into Phyllis, saying she did all of this because he didn't hate Victor enough. Well, he sure hates Victor now. What changed his mind?

So Funny - The Young and the Restless

Victor was at his place chuckling at the news appearing about Jack and Phyllis. He was actually languishing in their misery. That made it all the better when Nikki reached out to Phyllis and tried to persuade her to fight for Jack, because someone had to tell Phyllis to fight.

And really, who other than Nikki knows more about fighting and making up with a man as many times as Nikki? 

Oof but did that ever make Ashley angry. She wanted Nikki to keep her mouth shut because she doesn't think Phyllis should go anywhere near Jack. She didn't really say anything about Phyllis staying away from Billy though, but wanted Billy to say away from Phyllis. What a tangled mess.

And Jill is still trying to get Billy and Vicki back together? I mean, who in their right mind would think Billy would be attractive to their ex wife at this point? And yet...

Shirtless Travis - The Young and the Restless

Travis is an attractive guy. He's sweet and caring. He wanted to move out of Vicki's house to give her space to think things over. Things about Billy. Because he's not blind. He could see that she was struggling.

And Vicki even admitted to Nikki she kind of always hoped Billy would still be there for her, and the thought of him with Phyllis was unsettling. 

Ultimately, though, she demanded Travis stay and make a home with her and the kids. So now you know they have about a week of life left in their relationship. Do you think he'll even get his bag unpacked before she's thinking about Billy again?

Elsewhere in town, Chelsea is getting closer to Nick. We knew that was coming, and I don't mind it. I've always been a Shick fan, but Sharon is so...weird...lately, I don't want her wasted on anyone else but Dylan. 

The Future - The Young and the Restless

I liked Chelsea reaching out to Mariah while Kevin was on his date with Chloe, but Kevin's barking up the wrong tree. The seeds of the upcoming Billy/Chloe reunion were planted when Chloe mentioned to Chelsea what a wonderful dad Billy is and how the blame for his current fiasco cannot be laid at his feet.

As soon as he's at rock bottom, Chloe will find a way to pick him up. Or something. Kevin also said she's hiding something big, so maybe she's heading for a fall and the two town pariahs will crawl back up together.

The previews for the coming week show Billy looking at a frightened, hospitalized Phyllis. Is she just on an anti-Billy train or has she lost her memory? Is Jack going to be held accountable for pushing her down the stairs? Certainly the Keystone Cops aren't going to press charges with only Billy and Phyllis as witnesses.

And how can Dylan investigate when Victor has a restraining order against him? Why did Paul seem surprised Dylan was going to drop the possibility Phyllis was pushed when it all led back to Victor? Isn't that what Paul told him to do? Pick a lane, Paul!

Ashley shared with Abs that her life is empty and kind of pathetic, devoid of passion. That must mean there's something sudsy on the horizon. She looks great lately, so let's get that lady a storyline. Let's just hope it's with a single guy and not Travis in the elevator (previews!).

I like having Jack back, but don't like the fall. FOUL!! Too soon. Don't want a crazy Billy. I'd love to see Jack and Billy on an even keel. Also not digging Neil becoming Mr. 12-Step. Has Billy EVER followed the steps? And seriously, with too many recovering addicts on the show, it would get really boring. 

Who didn't like Phyllis chomping on the olive out of her martini as Nikki walked up? That doesn't mean I want drunk Nikki, but everyone can't be an addict. 

I'm about ready to ramble, so I'm out. Tell me where you stand this week! Who made an impression? What happens next?

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