Younger: Sutton Foster and Nico Tortorella on Liza's Relationships and Complicated Life

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It's complicated.

That's the biggest takeaway after the chat I had with Sutton Foster and Nico Tortorella at the ATX Festival this summer. Nothing about Liza's life is easy, whether with her friendships or her love live, let alone a simple day at the office.

Find out what they had to offer by way of insight into Sutton's character and what to expect when it comes to revealing Liza's secret.

Sutton and Nico - Younger

Liza has her best friend and a really great guy who discovered her secret and supported her entirely. Why doesn't that support help her lean more towards telling the truth?

Nico: She's in a dangerous position.

Sutton: I think she is in a dangerous position. We saw elements in Season 2 where she was willing to lay everything out on the table for her friends, like when Thad threatened to reveal her secret, she was like, I don't care. Go for it.

Nico: She definitely wants to. Every part of her wants to tell the truth. She's not like a malicious character.

Sutton: No, I don't think so at all.

Nico: Or even manipulative. She just kind of got herself stuck, you know?

Sutton: Her reasons for going into this job were obviously to get back into the workforce and do something she loved. All of this, building relationships, falling in love...

Nico: And to make money to put her daughter through school.

Sutton: Yeah. She did everything for her daughter. But all of these other things were...

Nico: Bonuses.

Sutton: Bonuses. She wasn't anticipating all of that. At the end of Season 2, Josh basically comes back and says, 'I'm all in, I want to go for this," and now Liza's like, 'OK. Now what?' Then Charles kissed her, too. So now it's all...

She's a little torn.

Sutton: Well, it's complicated. And again, trying to figure out her priorities. Because the further she goes with Charles...

The harder it will become to keep her job separated from her life.

Sutton: Exactly. So it's just very complicated.

Nico: Oh the webs we weave.

But the conversations she has with Charles are just beautiful. They're beautiful conversations. And then she goes back and asks Josh something...

Nico: And then I take my shirt off. We have conversations!

Seasons Couple - Younger

And even going out and just eating sno-cones together. They're generally a great couple, but there is just a little bit that's missing for a person who loves words.

Nico: Yeah.

Sutton: Right. It's complicated. They both represent something in Liza that she needs. Neither one of them have...

Nico: The full package.

Sutton: The full package, right.

The perfect man would be wrapped up in both.

Nico: Which doesn't exist.

I know. Isn't that just a cruel, cruel fate.

Sutton: I think for her, she's just trying to figure out what that looks like, and is it represented in a guy?

I think the overall story is that we don't need to be concerned with age. That's something you do find, especially, at work, is that age becomes a non-issue. That's Liza's job in this little universe, to facilitate that understanding. How long will that take?

Sutton: And ho long can that last?

How much patience does she have? She could end up heartbroken.

Sutton: I don't know. I think it's inevitable that more people will find out. That she'll have to reveal...

Who do you think will find out next?

Sutton: I think it will probably be Kelsey. She's the one, that right now, it feels weird that she doesn't know.

Nico: I mean, it's the safest person to find out next. I think if Diana or Charles found out, she would lose her job immediately.

Sutton: I think so, too. Or they could use it to their advantage.

That's interesting, because I thought Kelsey would be OK finding out, but Molly thought Kelsey would go nuts, absolutely nuclear.

Sutton: I don't think it will go well, either. I think she'll feel betrayed.

Nico: I think everybody will go nuts. There's not one person who will go, like, 'Oh, cool, so what do you want to eat for lunch?' That's not going to happen.

Trellis - Younger

But going nuclear could...

Sutton: Could have giant ramifications. I'm a little nervous about that. Because besides Maggie, that's her closest confidant. They have a really special bond. They're women in the workplace who take care of each other, who aren't competitive, who have each other's back.

They're way beyond women in the workplace. They've gone way beyond that.

Sutton: Totally!

Nico: Especially now.

Sutton: It's based on real friendship, real feelings, not just pleasantries. So, I know.

Would Caitlin get jealous of your friendship with Kelsey?

Nico: Does Caitlin know you're lying?

Nooo. Remember the Game of Thrones episode?

Sutton: She thinks I'm a fantasy character in Times Square. She doesn't even know that I work for a publishing company. She knows I'm dating a younger boy, but she thinks I'm just going through a mid-life crisis.

Nico: Well, she's probably the next one who should find out then.

Sutton: I tried to tell her, too! I've been trying to tell a lot of people! They keep thwarting it.

I would think her learning one of your best friends is close in age to your daughter would be difficult.

Sutton: Yeah, I know. It's complicated. But that makes good television.

Nico: My mom's friends with my friends.

My mom is friends with my old boyfriends.

Nico: I love that. That's how it should be.

Sutton: My dad is Facebook friends with my friends. It's so sweet. But he's not trying to be It's complicated. It's complicated. I think if my dad was trying to be like, cool [laughs]...

Nico: Then it would also be a lot harder for him. Like you actually pull it off. Liza actually pulls it off.

Sutton: Yeah, there's a big difference. [laughs] But, yeah, I know what you mean.

Well, I can't wait to see what happens next.

Sutton/Nico: Me, too!

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