Chicago PD: Marina Squerciati Talks Burgess's Sense For Trouble

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Season 4 of Chicago PD has just begun, but one thing is still the same: Officer Kim Burgess knows how to find trouble! Burgess has only been back on the beat for two episodes and yet she's already gotten mixed up in a situation involving her new partner Julie Tay (Quantico's Li Jun Li).

TV Fanatic spoke to Marina Squerciati this week to talk about Burgess's tendency to get into trouble, how much of it she's in for during the new season, and whether or not Burgess's partnership with Tay has a future. Check out the interview below and don't miss Chicago PD Season 4, Episode 3 tonight at 10/9c on NBC.

Burgess and Tay - Chicago PD

We're four seasons in now and Burgess has demonstrated a repeated tendency of getting into trouble. It seems like there's always something going on with her or around her.

Marina Squerciati: She's kind if like the Amelia Bedelia, I feel like, of the officers. She hasn't been shot again, so far. In this episode [Chicago PD Season 4, Episode 2] she takes a vow of celibacy, so I feel like that's setting her up for trouble. I feel like you can only take a vow of celibacy to break it, right? We'll see.

Last season that trouble led her into two major developments. She went on trial, and then she lost her partner and her boyfriend when Roman moved to San Diego. Are we going to see a Burgess who's learned from those things in Season 4?

MS: One hundred percent. I think the Burgess that we see in this season is, I wouldn't say jaded. I would just say a little more world-weary. In the first episode you saw she didn't fire her gun, and she's definitely a little skittish after that whole "Justice" episode. I think she's learning from her mistakes, but also learning from the city of Chicago how to be a better cop.

Burgess has a new partner now in Tay and it's obvious that she's going to get involved in the situation between Tay and Commander Fogel. So how is that partnership going to develop?

MS: What's interesting about this storyline is – I've said this maybe two or three times in the show, but I really mean it – that the fans think it's going one way, but they have no idea what's going to happen with Tay. It's a really interesting, crazy turn. I think what's great about Tay is that she is going to push Burgess in a certain way, a way that she needs to be pushed. I think that's going to be helpful for Burgess in the long run.

She's always been fairly ambitious; especially now that she's sort of between partners and without any attachments, do you see her making another run for a spot in the Intelligence Unit? Or what does she now want out of her CPD career?

MS: I think a lot of the fans have always rooted for Burgess being in Intelligence because that's what she wanted since day one...Being on the street and loving that, and learning from that, now I don't know that that's changed. I do think maybe that desire to be in Intelligence might be bubbling up a little, but I think she's still very happy where she is, and really likes working with Tay.

Speaking of moving forward, you've obviously grown right along with the character. Playing Burgess has been a huge role for your career. So how different would you say things are in your world in Season 4?

MS: The same way that Burgess has grown – she was a sort of new transplant to the world of being a cop, she was a flight attendant – it really sort of mirrored my [experience]. I moved to Chicago, I'm a new regular on a show, and learning the ropes, and it's really a lovely sort of parallel, our storylines. I think as I've grown more comfortable, so has Burgess.

Is there a favorite scene this season that you've just loved doing from an acting standpoint?

MS: In [Episode 2], there's a gun scene in the teaser that we shot in an abandoned car lot at like 3:30 in the morning on a Friday, so on a Saturday morning, essentially. It was so hard, and so difficult. I don't know if you could tell from the episode, they kind of make me look a little more slick probably, but I love when the show tests me like that, because I really like working out hard. Putting that sort of intense workout with my acting is something I really like together.

Some actors who've played cops for a few years start to see that rub off in real life. Now that you're in Season 4, has anybody thought you could actually get them out of trouble?

MS: No. I heard Mariska Hargitay once said, I think, that people come up to her and confide in her a lot because they think she's Olivia Benson. No one's been under a car and said, "Call Burgess!" quite yet. We'll see.

Tune into Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 3 on NBC tonight at 10/9c, and if you've missed any of Season 4 so far you can watch Chicago PD online to catch up with Burgess and the entire CPD squad. Hopefully Burgess won't get into any trouble that she can't get out of!

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