Grey's Anatomy Round Table: How Do You Plead?

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Alex Karev is a wonderful doctor, but his career may be in serious jeopardy after Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 2.

Alex was slapped with a felony charge after his assault on Andrew, was moved over to the Denny Duquette Clinic by Bailey, and broken up with by Jo.

Join TV Fanatics Jasmine, Jenn, and Elizabeth as they react to the sinkhole that is Alex's life right now. They also let loose their feelings about Meredith's actions, and speculate on the future of Japril. 

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Alex was charged with felony assault in the second degree. Do you think the charge is fair?

Jasmine: I don't think the charge is fair, but realistic. I appreciate that the show isn't downplaying or glossing over this.

Jenn: I agree with Jasmine, I don't think it is fair. But it also wouldn't be fair for the show to not take this storyline seriously. I think Alex has a journey ahead of him.

Elizabeth: I couldn't think about the fairness of the charge because I was too focused on how Karev's lawyer didn't lock in the misdemeanor with a plea. Also how I really wish this could have been delayed (which would be realistic, courts are slooooow) so that Arizona could be around to support him with Meredith.

After screwing up at work and Jo breaking up with him, how does Alex redeem himself from here?

Jasmine: I think Alex was doing a decent job at taking accountability for his actions. If anything, Meredith was the one who was cutting him too much slack. All he can do is keep his head down and continue to work as best as he can.

Jenn: I think he just needs to process what he did and try to move on. Alex being caught up with the possibility of going to jail seems understandable. But he needs to pick his head up and keep going. I don't think he should shed any tears on Jo. The more she hides her own past/issues from Alex makes me not like her (more then usual).

Elizabeth: At work, he needs to refocus himself and just do what he can to keep moving forward. He's owned his mistakes, which is more than most people are able to do. As for Jo, good riddance. The way she turned all of their relationship problems around on him was an amazing feat of mental gymnastics and manipulation.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how annoying were Meredith's actions this week regarding Maggie and Nathan?

Jasmine: A solid 9. Given the subject matter, I hate to say that I wanted to reach through the screen and throttle her but, she was absolutely terrible! This entire storyline is so juvenile and Maggie deserves so much better than this. None of this is even necessary! If Meredith was just honest with Maggie from the beginning she could save Maggie all this unnecessary angst and humiliation, and their relationship could stay intact. But it's like she's trying to destroy their relationship. Over a boy.

Jenn: This storyline is super annoying, like an 11! It's not like Maggie dated him first or had something even remotely serious with Nathan. So I don't see any reason why Meredith can't be direct with Maggie. The longer this goes on the worse it will be. I will also start to question if Grey's has finally run out to storylines.

Elizabeth: They were pretty damn annoying. It also reminded me of how she tried to interfere in Mark and Lexie's relationship and how well that turned out for her. Seriously, haven't she figured out by now that honesty is the best policy? 

It appears Jackson and April may have a hard time keeping their romantic feelings from resurfacing. Do you want to see them back together as a couple or see them be the best co-parents they can be?

Jasmine: I always preferred them as friends anyway. I would rather seem them co-parent well, but I think the two of them getting back together is inevitable. Plus we've seen the whole co-parenting thing with Calzona.

Jenn: I love Jackson and April together. I think they bring something out of each other by being totally opposite of one another. I think at some point they will get back together.

Elizabeth: I don't think those things are mutually exclusive. Because their romance was that platonic ideal of "friendship set on fire," they've got a strong foundation. They just jumped from friends to lovers to exes to married so quickly that they lost sight of that. Co-parenting will help to slow their roll, and I think they'll end up stronger when they get back together.

What was your favorite scene and/or quote from the episode?

Jasmine: I loved the broccoli exchange between Alex and his patient. He's a damn good Ped's doctor. I mean no one would have anticipated that Alex would be so great at interacting with kids.

Jenn: My favorite scene is Webber acting like he can be Bailey's eyes and ears. He is so cute with his non-gossip gossip.

Elizabeth: I'm obviously a fan of Jackson and April, so I loved most of their scenes, but I also loved the scene at the end. The silent conversation between Alex and Meredith was perfect.

So what are your thoughts? Hit up the comments section below, and share with us your answers to the round table questions!

Don't forget to check out Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 3 when it airs on Thursday, October 6th at 8/7c on ABC.

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